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Greetings everyone. My name is John and I hail from Michigan in the U.S. I'm not exactly new, as I've been reading heavenletters for a few months. I just recently realized there was a community to join though, so hear I am. I found heavenletters through reading the book, which was excellent. I've gone through it a few times, love it. Is volume 2 is coming out anytime soon
Gloria? Have ever thought about putting the first one out in ebook format?

My background is advaitic and this is where I'm coming from when I post any comments. I love reading the comments as much as the letters, it's great to see how people interpret the messsges. I look forward to sharing with everyone. Thank you!

Love to all.


Welcome John!

Hi John, I just found your message by chance and I am surprised, that you did not get an answer from Gloria so far. She must have overlooked it. I don't know, if you might have allready discovered the Godwriting Blog. There Gloria tells us a lot about her momentary life. She is visiting Normand in Australia just know. I am from Germany. I read the Heavenletters since 3 years in Germany and just a few weeks ago, I started to reed them here on this webside. I am glad reading the comments too. Also I am glad, that you came in and happy reading more from you. Love to you dear John! Uta

Thank you Uta.

Hi Uta. Thank you for the welcome! I appreciate it. I know Gloria is very busy doing all sorts of stuff so I am not surprised that she has not answered. I read the book Heavenletters a long time ago. Great stuff. Now I read them every morning on this site. They put me in a good frame of mind for the rest of the day. Love to you Uta.


Beloved John, please please

Beloved John, please please forgive me for taking so long. I am a great fan of your comments on this forum. Very beautiful. Looking forward to more from you.

Right now we are aiming to do e-books and Kindle books.

John, you are right. Things are really hopping around here. Thank you for your understanding.

God bless you.

All my love,


Thank you Gloria!

Hi Gloria! Thank you for responding to my questions. That is good news! I look forward to getting Heavenletters in ebook format to read again. Not that I don't like books mind you, I love them. The first floor of my house is like a library, bookshelves everywhere. E-books are just more convenient for me while traveling or reading at work. Now I like to buy a book for my library then buy the same book in e-book format to read.

Once again thank you for answering my questions. I know you're very busy and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Thank you for creating a great community here also. This is the first place I feel like I can call home.

Love to you.


Ah, John, this community

Ah, John, this community created itself!

What do you most like to do in addition to reading? As you point out, the virtue of Kindle books and so forth is seen so clearly when we travel. If time allowed, I would talk to Heavenreaders all day with great pleasure.

A thousand blessings to all.

LOve, Gloria

Besides reading, I most like

Besides reading, I most like to discuss God with people. I enjoy listening to other's ideas about this great mystery we call God. I like to share the ideas and experiences that I have had and help others on their path. My brother is very spiritual and whenever he calls we'll get into 2 to 3 hour conversations about different ideas. He belongs to a wonderful spiritual community where he lives and whenever I visit him I have always enjoyed the company of everyone. Hence my search for a community myself and my joining this one.

Besides that I like hanging out with friends, watching football (now that can be a lesson in patience, hehe), watching the occasional movie, though are too violent for my tastes nowadays.

Anyways, that is me in a nutshell, Gloria. I apologize for the wall of text but when you get me going on God, I could probably write several books worth of material if I don't temper my enthusiam. Take care.

Love to you.