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Heavenletters Welcome

Heavenletters™ , received by Gloria Wendroff from the Voice of God, are shared with Heavenreaders from all over the world -- Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America -- and from all walks of life -- and from all religions or none. There is no distance when it comes to the heart.

Each Heavenletter™ brings Earth closer to Heaven by reawakening our connection to God, our belief in ourselves, and our awareness of our shared worthiness to God, and so further peace and good will on Earth.

You are invited to subscribe to Heavenletters, join this message board and share what these beautiful Heavenletters from God mean to you. In this one-stop spiritual message board, you are also invited to share other spiritual messages that stir your heart as well as your own creative writing, computer questions, personal information and more!

We are here to express and enjoy greater understanding of God and to share our Oneness with each other. With God’s blessings, may our postings on this message board enliven all hearts who come here.

Heavenletters Welcome

Adrachin, Congratulations for creating the message board that Gloria has long imagined. Your work has produced a different type of meeting place for HL Seekers! I hope you are congratulating yourself for all of your efforts!

Heavenletters Welcome

Good Morning : Every One
First and foremost I would like to thank Gloria for all the emails I received every morning , she sure is a inspirational to me .
If there is anything that I could do to help please let me know. Keep the great work I know you are touching many hearts. Love & Light Gordy

To Joie and to Gordy!

Joie, Adrachin has been too busy to congratulate himself. I've been trying to keep up with congratulting him, but then he's done something else wonderful, and it's hard to keep up! Does everyone know that Adrachin and Veronika are getting married next Tuesday?

Gordy, thank you for your beautiful words! What do you like to do, and what would you like to do for Heavenletters? And thank you for joining this message board.

Welcome Karen

I want to welcome lovely Karen. The writer of the heavenletters haikus:


God brings us closer to Him through daily Heavenletters.

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Visit Heavenletters as I have and be inspired by God
to share His love. I have
extracted these haikus from
the words and phrases of the
Heavenletters cited here.

Heavenletter 18 Dec 04
God said write Me in
I whisper words in your ear
That you may share Me

Heavenletter 19 Jan 99
God said say My plan
Beam your essence far and wide
Know you have purpose

Heavenletter 15 Jan 99
God said to make joy
Ask self "Wherein lies my joy"
Your joy is your truth

Heavenletter 19 Jan 99
God said relay it
The power of a kind thought
I AM the power

Heavenletter 27 Jan 99
God said I AM God
Put your attention on love
My love in the world

Heavenletter 28 Jan 99
God said today say
"I will do God's will today"
"A journal of it"

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truth, joy, peace and love.

I appreciate it a lot!

Much Love and Light