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Heavenletter #5999 - for tomorrow...

What does 'to the manor born' mean? It seams to make reference to an old sitcom but I don't understand the context and the paragraph altogether.

Consider now that you are to the manor born. This means that you are to feature Beauty before your very eyes. You are to be Beauty to behold. You are not a scullery-maid, nor do you make to-do lists for others to fulfill.

Thanks for your help. It's for my French translation!


It's ok, I have found an explanation that made more sense to the whole. It wasn't apparently about the TV show, which made me confused at first.
Now I can go back to work for the next one!

Beloved Anais, so happy to

Beloved Anais, so happy to hear from you, dear French translator!

I just saw your post. I will check the Global Translator Circle more often and make sure I respond more quickly. Am eager to answer your questions. Please ask them. There are so many expressions in the English language. I imagine in all languages. No one could know them all

Anais, I never heard of the TV show!

Loving you,


Thank you Gloria for

Thank you Gloria for answering me.
I know you have a lot to do already so please don't worry as it's my entire responsability, for I have translated this Heavenletter at the last minute... I wish I was more efficient sometimes! But it was not a problem in the end. A lot of answers can be found on the internet, and it usually helps a lot.
Best thoughts,