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A weekly sharing of Heavenletters in Sedona, Az

Hi Gloria..............I am considering renting a room (for about 20 people at most) at the local Sedona library on a weekly basis...with the purpose
of inviting introduce them to Heavenletters. The gathering will feature a spontaneous reading of quotes from.... or the entire HL by me or members of the group....and a time also to use the Cosmic Heavenletters Generator...and then sharing about how HL has impacted our lives. For access to HL....we will use my laptop connected to a digital projector.....or reading from HL.... in several binders of HL from my personal collection (about 1,000).

Why all of this?................Because sharing Heavenletters with others is so so
fun...and inspiring and life changing....and so much more! What do you
think? ps...I do have funds to cover the room rental.....but will have a
basket for people wanting to donate.

And perhaps a deeper answer to "why do this?".......

There is a subtle yet quite powerful impulse to do this....I have also already started another HL grass roots project.....Interestingly.....Impulses for both projects have been incubating for 2-3 years....before birthing into the 3d so to speak. Much love to and for all.....jim(i)

Dear Jim, I am incredibly

Dear Jim,

I am incredibly touched by your project! Such a marvellous idea! What could be greater than to be together and share God's words?

So sorry that I am not living in Sedona! But maybe you'll have a chance to record the sessions and broadcast them on YouTube or elsewhere?

Please let us all know how your project will proceed. It may well serve as model project for many people in other towns, too.

Good luck, God bless you!

Love, Clemens

hi Clemens....

Thank you for your gracious words.....This project....and another.... are being revealed in divine timing.....will let you know how it goes.....Much love and blessings.....jim

Beloved Jim, you have

Beloved Jim, you have touched my heart so much, I’m gonna cry.

What you write is a breath of fresh air. By all means, do this. I love what you are setting out to do from the boundlessness of your own heart. I think this is called grass-roots, and it is beautiful.

I pick up loud and clear that your intent is to and share Heavenletters and have no intention to teach anything, simply to share and to expand their vibration. After all, how do we teach a heart? Only can it be picked up by another heart.

Of course, you are familiar with How to Read a Heavenletter.

You know, Jim, that it is essential to keep bringing in the NEW to Heavenletters, to any project. Heaven Admin is working hard on a new simple Heavenletter website. The new web site will connect easily to all the apps. Print will be larger and as much as possible long pages rather than a whole bunch of links. Your timing is perfect.

It goes without saying that we will spread the news of what you are doing. Just think, Jim, you are in Sedona! You picked the right locale!

I don’t want to scare you away, dear, yet you could be spearheading something great that will expand nationally and internationally. You inspire me to think of many things.

Here is a great You Tube. Here a subscriber from India reads a Heavenletter out loud. Dynamite!:


Good idea for you have for getting financial support so tactfully from a basket.

God bless you, Jim.

God said:

"Your heart is a Golden Sun spinning. Its rays are Love shining out to the world."

Heavenletter #1946 The Spring of Your Life
Selected by Manuela Timofte, Heavenletter Translator, Romania

hi Gloria

Just sent you two emails (w photos) to G [at] heavenletters [dot] the other project....felt right to send it that way first....Let me know what you feel about it.
and thank you so much for your loving feedback! jim

About Heavenletters, Neale

About Heavenletters, Neale Donald Walsch said: "You are doing great goods for the world."

You, Jim, are doing great things for the world, for Heavenletters, for yourself and all of us. You are doing it. You are making it happen. .

Sometimes I am overwhelmed about all the wondrousness that reaches us.

You not only have some great ideas, you are manifesting them. It is said that God is the Doer. Yes, He is. And God has also said -- sorry, in a Heavenletter -- that He accomplishes through us. Isn't it the Truth? God's Greatness peeks through through us.Amazing. Everyone who reads Heavenletters automatically multiplies God's messages and Consciousness around the world. And now you go the extra mile. Do we not see Wonders to Behold. It all comes as if by itself, this Will of God's. A thousand blessings and more! We don't even know yet to what heights your human leadership will lead. You sure have inspired me, Jim.

Heavenletter Gathering update...

The plan to hold gatherings at the library did not work out as they could not guarantee a weekly booking at the same time....So now two new possibilities...rhe Cottonwood Library and the Jerona Cafe in Cottonwood. Cottonwood is 17 mi from here and a beautiful guided I will soon check these sites out.

Bless you, Jim. It's not

Bless you, Jim.

It's not true that your plan to hold gatherings at the library did not work out! It just didn't work out as you planned, dear one! :)

All possibilities, my friend. Make it easy on yourself. If this library is your optimum choice, how about considering starting once a month, and then working up to twice a month and then every week. I love your ideas, and I love how you go for it!

You are the one making this happen, so it is all your choice. You are the one doing this. It is your and God's baby.

A thousand thanks,

Love, Gloria

4/21/17 Just for You update...

I have a friend...Greg...who is a new reader of Heavenletters....and by his own account is deeply touched by the Love from Heavenletters. He has volunteered to prepare the Just for You....(rolling the scrolls...banding....stickering and lovingly inserting the scrolls into the appropriate size "baggie" on practically a daily basis. I am so grateful to him. Again....if you would like to receive a packet of Just for You...special HL quotes...just email me and I will get them out to you straight away (jimkeller7 [at] yahoo [dot] com). Also...I am looking at acquiring a room nearby for a local gathering of Heavenletter lovers...And also...if anyone's heart would like to help Greg prepare the Just for You quotes....let me know and I will send you a starter kit!....just for you! Much Love...Jim(i)