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Heavenletter #5621 Lights in the Night Skies

I have a problem with the last sentence of the 6th paragraph of this Heavenletter. I see it has been translated in different ways in various languages, but I can't quite understand what it means. Is it 'become' as in 'turn into something' or is it become as in 'to suit someone'. And in any case shouldn't it be 'becomes' as the subject is the Light (singular) ?

Even as you have been called the Light of the World, you never
believed you came from the Stars. We can say that the Stars are the
reflected Light of Your Father God or Your God, as you prefer. In any
case, the Light of the Stars more than become you.


Dear Paula, I see exactly

Dear Paula, I see exactly what you mean.

In this case, we have a different meaning for become. Examples would be:

"This shade of blue becomes you."

It means that you look good in this color blue.

English seems to do whatever it wants to do. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I believe it is the Mad Hatter who says: "A word means anything I want it to!"

In the case of this Heavenletter, it's more like the Light of the Stars looks good shining on you.

Is it clearer now, beloved Paula. In case anyone doesn't know, Paula was our very first translator. She volunteered herself, and Paula is still here translating every day thirteen or so years later.

Thank you so much for asking this question.

God bless you.

Love, Gloria

Thank you, Dear Gloria Now

Thank you, Dear Gloria

Now it is clear and makes sense to me.
With love,
Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

Thank YOU, beloved Paula,

Thank YOU, beloved Paula, for asking your question.

I also love the quotation you use!