Heaven News October 24, 2007

Opening God Quote:

"Don’t wait for God’s Will."

From Scott Darant’s early Godwriting™

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Choose your favorite Heavenletter -- Translators wanted

We had the idea of selecting one prime Heavenletter to be published into every language on Earth. Wow! What Oneness that will create. What is your favorite Heavenletter? Please send your choices here:


Volunteer angels translate Heavenletters every day into Italian and Turkish, and very often into Catalan, Dutch, and German, and as often as possible into Greek, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Polish. We would love daily translations in every language!

If you love Heavenletters with all your heart, and you would like to translate even one Heavenletter into your Mother Tongue, we will be so happy and grateful. You can press the link given above, or press the Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News to let us know who you are.

We have since found a way to enhance this idea! Instead of selecting one Heavenletter we will make a list of Heavenletters as suggested by Heavenreaders that we will translate from top to bottom. The idea is now that we start translating from the top of the list, which never has to end.

The Godwriting™ Blog Now in Blogcatalog

Mojah Media listed the Godwriting blog in this directory:


Will you visit and post a review of the Godwriting blog?

You can also rate the Godwriting blog best and fantastic – 10!

(Might be a good idea to read some of the blog first!) www.godwriting.org.

There’s a new blog entry every day now!

Recent and upcoming entries are:

If you have questions or ideas for the blog, please post your thoughts on the blog!

Poets, Writers, Artists – your work is wanted.

The Love Foundation

Share your original creative expression of self acceptance, unity, tolerance, diversity and global love. Each submission shall be based on the theme: “Love Begins With Me”

“We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity.”

Harold W. Becker - www.thelovefoundation.com

Many thanks to all who spread the light of Heavenletters

Planet Light Worker
HEAVENLETTERS - October 07 - by Gloria Wendroff (Follow this link.)

“Change is the name of the game, beloveds. Be ready to change directions at a moment's notice. More than flexibility is required. You will have to become free-flowing water and be affable whatever direction you go in. In Truth, you are an all-directioned Being. Did you know in advance where you would happen to be right now? Did you know that you would be sitting in this chair in this location facing south or east or north or west...?”

HEAVEN #2458 Glorious Are the Wonders

Here’s a photo of Lady Isis: http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/index.htm

Lady Isis picture

And here’s one of Russ Michael, taken at the workshop in Germany:

Russ Michael picture


Most of all, especial gratitude to Heavenreaders. One by one, it is you, individual Heavenreaders, who tell your friends about Heavenletters and bring them here. Now there are 5,000. We are in this together. Couldn’t be done without you. Next to God, Heavenletters cross the globe because of you.

Namaste, Saraswathie

It was with great sadness we learned that Santhan’s beloved mother passed away October 10 in South Africa. Santhan is the one who does everything for Heavenletters.

Saraswathie leaves a devoted husband, Diviah; two sons, Santhan and Daryl; her mother Prema, nieces and nephews, and friends all over the world. We know there is no death. There is only Eternal Life. We may not have met Saras, yet we know her wonderful son and all he gives, so we know her very well and are grateful for all her blessings to the world.

Hearts can only be touched by reading the enlightened notes of sympathy from Heavenreaders on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community forum and the Godwriting blog. All the responses are so beautiful. Be sure to read Santhan’s response to all your heart-given messages.

Visit both places below:



Santhan blew me away with the following. May we all come to the place where this is our experience:

Saras and I were close and are closer now. Our hearts communicate better now. I celebrate the role she played here and not mourn her moving on. There were those few heavy emotions that arose from my attachments, from my plans on all the things we would do, from my what ifs, if onlys and why didn't I's. Those were released and replaced by wonder and gratitude for being blessed to play the role of son to Saras and by such admiration for what she achieved. Saras accomplished on a subtler level than the physical, yet she used the physical as her springboard towards this accomplishment.

Saras's body healed from a state of dis-ease we refer to as cancer. Through this process she became more aware of God. I too became more aware of God. I received direct experience on how fragile, precious and powerful life is. Through this experience Saras taught me how to love all women...first as Goddess, Mother, Sister, Daughter and companion. Her body did not stop working because of this dis-ease. She did overcome it. Yet when the Director of this Play edits the script, we have to follow! How and why are just details. Better to "Wow!" and "Yay!" rather than how and why!

Strange how we refer to the process of Soul leaving the mortal body, as Death. Can we change this to awakening? In our bodies we are mostly asleep. When we leave we begin to see again. Can we shift our way of seeing things, so that instead of mourning, we can celebrate a Souls liberation from the body. The expression of God that we call Soul who played Saraswathie exists in a vaster state now. Everyone of us has the ability to awaken to this state before the body stops working.

My understanding from working together with you and Heavenletters and all the Heavenreaders, is that anyone who is reading this...Heaven News, The Godwriting Blog and most of all Heavenletters, are so close to being in that awakened state...where death is just a scene in an act. Maybe you're already there and are just about to accept it!

I invite you to celebrate life and awakening (previously death!)...the precious life that flows in all the souls in your circle of life and the awakening of these souls who now exist in that state in which, we who love God, will all surely awaken to.

With love, blessings, and gratitude, and great vision for the future,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

God Quote:

“The world can do its thing, while you do Mine.”

HEAVEN #2523 The World Can Do Its Thing

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Hallo there, Heavenletters

Hallo there, Heavenletters team

I read a heavenletter for the first time in “Just One” – a spirituality and religion group on care2connect network. Our darling host often posts them there. I love them – they are so enlightening, uplifting, optimistic, beautiful…

I have a passion for translating, so strong to the point of tormenting me if not given an outlet. I am not professionally qualified to translate therefore I cannot take translating commissions for copy righted material. Heavenletters presented me a wonderful opportunity and I am very grateful for it. Thank You! I have translated quite a few heavenletters and I’ve blogged on my yahoo 360. With time my translations evolved into something more – visually or musically illustrated interpretations with symbolism who might seem too private for others to relate to, I don’t know as there is just one friend of mine who reads them, I have no idea what a broader audience would think about them. You can find my interpretations on


The illustrations have captions in English and a link to the original heavenletter under it so you can follow up their relation. I haven’t translated as often as I used to lately, because I’ve got a new job a month ago and I’ve been overwhelmed catching up with my new responsibilities. However, if you like what you see I would be more than happy to send you translations in Bulgarian.
Keep the good work coming. :thumbup:

Peace & Love to You

Vanya, yes, we want your

Vanya, yes, we want your translations! How wonderful. God bless you for what you have already translated. We know by your enthusiasm that your translations are GOOD. Professional translator is not necessary. A love for Heavenletters and translating is!

We will have someone add Bulgarian to the list of translations posted on the Heavenletters Spiritual Community Forum. If it is too time-consuming for you to post them all at once, we can ask someone to do it for you. We will also get Bulgarian added to the list where people subscribe to Heavenletters. What a thrill!

I am not familiar with the sites you mention. I am most certainly grateful to them. I will go to them as soon as I finish posting this. I'm afraid I will lose what I've already typed if I leave now. I look forward to seeing your blog etc.

The first thing for you to do is to subscribe to Heavenletters in English. Then when we're set up with Bulgarian, you will want to subscribe to the Bulgarian as well. That way you can keep an eye on it and be sure all is going smoothly.

Will you also be able to help us find subscribers in Bulgaria. So far, according to what I could figure out, we have two subscribers who live in Bulgaria. Then you will be three! And your friend four!

Just today and yesterday, we have two other generous offers for translating, one in Spanish, and one In Finnish. And now Bulgarian! And you are already ahead of the game -- how many have you translated!

I am going to give you the URL to get to where I told the Finnish translator how to proceed. That will give you more information. http://www.heavenletters.org/favorite-heavenletter-be-translated-many-la...

I will also ask dear Berit to get in touch with you -- or you get in touch with her because she posted her email address there. Berit is a great resource.

A big welcome to you, dear Vanya.

With love and blessings,