Heaven News August 4, 2007

God Quote:

“I am in love with My creation.”

#2429 You Are Mermaids and Mermen of the Ocean of Love

Welcome New Subscribers

from the following 19 Countries since last Heaven News

South Africa
United Kingdom

from the following 34 States in U.S.A.

California, Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Maryland, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Indiana, New Hampshire, Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Kentucky, West Virginia, Minnesota

Solve a Mystery

What a thrill it was July 26 when we had fifty-eight (58!) new subscribers sign up for Heavenletters! This is by far the most new subscribers in one day! We never had anything like it before! What created this spectacular flow of new Heavenreaders, I wonder. Someone or something created it.

If you are one of the new subscribers, please tell us how you got here. See the Add Comment link at the bottom of this Heaven News. Press this link, and a box will open up, ready for you to leave a comment. It’s easy, and we would love to hear from you.

We’re so happy and grateful for every subscriber, new and old! And we’d love to solve this mystery.

Godwriting™ Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa September 22 and 23

Would you like to join a couple from Michigan who are flying down for a Godwriting™ workshop in Fairfield, Iowa on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, September 22-23? Say Yes! This is one workshop, two sessions. This may be the last workshop in Fairfield, but not in the United States, and not in the world!

We want to meet YOU! Pan-American Highway!

From California, the Pan-American Highway travels through the following 15 countries: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Equador, Peru, Chile, and ARGENTINA! Important spurs also lead into Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Santhan, Heaven’s Creative Director and Operations Manager, and I will be leaving from Fairfield, Iowa for Mt. Shasta, California, some time in November.

Toni and Philip, www.sacredspaceswa.com long time Heaven subscribers, will also meet us at Mt. Shasta, and, furthermore, as I understand it, drive along with us in their Land Cruiser on our trip to Argentina!! Incidentally, Toni and Philip already motored from Washington State to South America some years ago, and we’re thrilled they want to do it again.

It also looks like Michelle, who sponsored a workshop in Minden, Nevada, may come along in the motor home! Wonderful.

Carol who sponsored a workshop in Great Falls, Montana has said she would like to travel in the motor home with us.

When Heidi R. heard about Santhan’s plan for a spiritual center in Capilla del Monte, she wrote:

Thank you for your beautiful writings, they really warm my heart! I have been talking about opening a Center of Light in the exact spot you are moving to!!!!!! I got chills all over, and had to write you immediately.

My dream is to find like-minded people who would like to create a spiritual. sustainable, community in that area of Argentina….I have been looking for land, housing, water…..etc. for many months, really, years…

Wow! Aren’t these connections marvelous!

On the way from Fairfield to Mt. Shasta, and then down the west coast and on to Argentina, we want to stop and meet all the Heavenreaders we possibly can. If you would like to meet us along the way, we would be delighted.

And if you would like to sponsor a reading of Heavenletters or a Godwriting workshop or supreme Yoga offering of Santhan’s, well, that would be an extra bonus. Toni and Philip offer a workshop called Saying What You Feel, Feeling What You Say, as well.

Do you live near San Diego? Tes and her friends www.yes2tes.com sponsor events at their unique sanctuary, The Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness in Escondido, California, and they have asked to host and promote our workshops and our trip for peace. Once we have our itinerary laid out, we’ll let you know an exact date.

Before that, we expect to visit Allan, the host of the Bridging Show in Santa Barbara. www.heaventoearth.com This will be my third visit to Santa Barbara, and I will be happy to see dear friends there. Allan said he would set up a workshop.

If you are located anywhere near our route – from Iowa to Mt. Shasta, California, and then down the West Coast to Mexico and points south, please let us know who you are and what your ideas are. Definiteness isn’t necessary – we’re simply exploring now. Use the Add Comment link you find at the end of this Heaven News OR, post on the Heaven Community Forum under Heaven Announcements. http://www.heavenletters.org/forum/278 Either way, we can keep all the ideas together, and everyone can share in the possibilities.

Are you receiving your Heavenletters?

All of us at Heavenletters want you to find your Heavenletter in your Inbox every morning. Recently, some Heavenreaders haven’t been receiving. We’re so sorry. We never want this to happen. Please know that the tech angels are working day and night to fix this glitch. Meanwhile, if you don’t receive your Heavenletter, please go here: http://www.heavenletters.org/heaven-letters.html and you will be able to read it. If you consistently aren’t receiving your Heavenletters, then please email heaven@heavenletters.org

You can be sure that a Heavenletter goes out every day. It is the easiest thing in the world to receive God’s words. Every morning, a message comes. There are no glitches in messages coming from Heaven!

The Noble Things that Heavenreaders Do

Dr. Laura DiGiorgio put the beautiful flash presentation she created for us up on YouTube . Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzr_Izd7tb4

Engin from Turkey, Paula from Italy continue to submit their translations of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, to publishers in their countries.

Ekene from Nigeria goes from bookstore to bookstore in his country, doing everything possible to have Heaven’s book on display.

God tells us to focus on the doing and not on the outcome.

When Laura put up the flash presentation on YouTube, it was up. The process and result were one.

Trying to get a book accepted by a publisher or to get a bookstore to feature a book seldom gives such quick gratification. The idea alone of distributing Heavenletters or finding a publisher is doing something great.

There is a long list of people who have gone out of their way to help make Heavenletters known. What treasures you are. And how grateful we feel. God bless you all.

Congratulations to Two E-zines and One Print Magazine

Here are Chee and Lee from the Philippines who just launched an outstanding ezine http://www.cosmiclighthouse.com They have a great introduction from the Heavenletter God in their first issue. From then on, God will answer personal questions in their ezine.

PlanetLightworker does a beautiful job of publishing Heavenletters in every issue of their E-zine, and they have for years. See their July issue here http://www.planetlightworker.com/contents.htm To subscribe, go here: https://www.newearthpublications.com/order/signup.php

Christ Consciousness, the Way of the Heart, a magnificent print magazine, features a Heavenletter in every issue. http://www.wayoftheheart.net/
You will find a great story of Raj’s spiritual beginnings here http://www.wayoftheheart.net/index.php?section=2

Our friend Kambala of India

Kambala takes care of children without parents. He has great devotion, and truly loves the children in his care just as a father would. Recently, some of the children’s buildings were wiped out by a hurricane. Fortunately, all the children are safe. The photo below shows Kambala (center) and friends beginning to rebuild. Doesn’t it look beautiful in India?

Mystery Solved!

Just before publishing Heaven News, we received an email from two new subscribers, Margaretha from Norway, and Mary Josephine from the U.K. who solved the mystery for us. They let us know that Neale Donald Walsh’s site http://www.newspirituality.org had quoted from a Heavenletter as follows:

When You Ask God for Counsel

When you ask Me for counsel, you are asking yourself. Asking Me is not looking to outside influence. It is as inner as you can get.
So, what is your question?

Bravo, New Spirituality! Thank you for 58 new subscribers!

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God bless each and every one of you.

With love,
Gloria and The Spectacular Heaven Angels

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In answer to your question,

In answer to your question, how did I come to find Heaven Letters, I found it in Messages from Michael.

I forward you letters to many. They are very inspirational!!



Thanks for the mention,

Thanks for the mention, Gloria!!

Let's schedule a reading of Heavenletters AND a Godwriting workshop AND a Yoga offering of Santhan’s when you come through San Diego!!!

I am interested in supporting you, and sharing your joyous awareness in every way that I can!!!!!

Bless you for the love you spread by your very BEING...

In Gratitude -


Thank you

:big Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for your daily email from God!!!!
I can't tell you how much they mean to me!!

I AM a new subscriber,about the time of July 25, however, I am not a new reader!!!! I have been Loving each day reading Heaven Letters on Russ Michael's newsletter!!!! Probably at least a year or two!! During which time I would send the whole newsletter to my brother to read the email from God!! He would remove the Heaven Letter , with all credits and info for subscribing back to me so I could send them out to all my friends far and wide!! Many have subscribed along the way, including my husband!! They are cherished by all, especially me and I thank you!!!
I recently ordered your book and sooooooooo look forward to reading it!! I hope every single letter is in the book or there will be another edition written!! I have run out of space for each day's Letter!! Ha!! True, they mean so much !! I'm glad to know of Neale Donald Walch's site useing the Heavenletters as he is a magnificent writer and teacher and these teachings are so like his own!! Straight to the point!! I love them!!
Thank you again for your constant inspiration!!
Love and Light!!
Mary D. Ivey

I learned about Heavens

I learned about Heavens letters from the Posters For the Soul website.

Thank all of you so much for

Thank all of you so much for posting.

It's great to learn where you found out about Heavenletters.

Mary, did you order the Heaven book from Amazon? I just want to make sure you didn't order it from me because I have no recollection of it!

Thanks for ordering the book, and please enjoy.

With love and blessings,