Heaven and Truth

God said:

You like to think of Me as God in Heaven. Think of Me now as God in Truth. Not that your idea of Heaven is inflated. Not at all. Your idea of Heaven doesn't go high or wide enough. But to My children, Heaven is a faraway place just beyond reach, a future sometime thing, a land of reward you weep for. But Truth is more immediate for you. You know more readily that Truth dwells on earth. You see Truth as more of an essence whereas you see Heaven as a place located elsewhere.

Truth and Heaven are the same. When untruth evaporates, Truth remains. You are bathed in Truth, and you rise up from it, as pure as Truth Itself.

Think of Me as Truth because then you have Me with you in an eloquence of pure light.

When you vibrate to My energy of stillness, you know your closeness to Me, and I am all that you know. No longer do you know of anything less. When you are high in the sky, what do you see? You see sky and horizons and earth in its rounded glory.

There is no need to wait for the body death before knowing Me. The fact is you do know Me. You know Me very well. You haven't quite recognized that or kept your recognition. You have been busy holding on to other things. You have even entered a realm called worry, which is the same as abandoning Me — considering Me unavailable to you — and choosing something less to be your constant companion. Whatever else you choose, it is less.

I am most available, only you have to avail yourself of Me. Avail yourself of My presence. Avail yourself of the light and energy of life and the Truth of God which is the same as the Truth of you.

We are talking of Truth not as a detail but Truth as innocence. Truth is not contrived. It is not a performance. Truth is light, light unshadowed, unwarped, undefiled.

See the light right now.

Let it dawn within you.

When you choose Me, you have the ripples of Me in the form of your desires and your fulfillment. When you choose Me, you have everything. You don't have to exclude anything. Choose Me, and everything settles; some things fall away like unused toys no longer kept on shelves or yearned for. Choose Me because I am the only choice. I am the Father of Choice.

Heretofore, you have thought of Truth as applied to your life as some awful kind of revelation. You have thought of Truth more as your being found out rather than being found. You have imagined that the truth of you is something unlovely, rather than loveliness itself.

Shift your imagination. Imagine Truth as a great light upon earth. Imagine Truth as a stream of truth that fills your heart. Imagine lighted Truth as pure water from a sparkling spring. Imagine Truth trickling into your awareness until your awareness is an ocean in your heart. When the ocean fills your heart, the fraughtness of stuck fantasy is cleared out by the pure joy of the ocean.

Put your attention on filling your heart with the energy of the ocean rather than trying to displace the stale energy that drifted into your heart. Energy is stale there because it hasn't moved out. You have been keeping it. Stale energy is another name for negativity.

Positivity is not a bouncing ebullient wave of denial of negativity. Positivity is the basis that is left when stale energy moves out.

Whatever you have held onto, your holding on of it makes it stale.

Life moves.

Sameness exists only in the pure flow of the original light that flows through you.

Accept the Truth of you. Accept.