Hear the Stillness

God said:

Beloveds, is there something closer to you than I am? Is there anything as close? To gain solidity, look to Me. To be grounded on Earth, look to Me.

The world makes you tremble. Earthquakes take place within you. I stabilize you. The world spins, and I keep it spinning with a stillness so deep that you have to be still to remember it. You hear the stillness with your heart. The mind might keep you from it.

The mind is very busy. Although My brilliance is great, it is the heart that heralds Me. The mind would capture Me, pin Me down, but I am not pinnable. God Who is everywhere and is Stillness Supreme cannot be locked in place. I never move, and I am ever-moving. I cannot be captured. Or, I will say, the only thing that can capture Me is love. The mind does not love. The mind intellectualizes. The mind skirts around Me. It probes. Ah, but the heart sweeps Me up in a dance unparalleled. The heart knows what to aim for.

The mind philosophizes. The mind likes to exercise itself while the heart lies on a hammock of love. The heart is enchanted under a tree called life.

Your heart reaches Me. Your intellect does not. Your intellect keeps Me away from your awareness. Your intellect does not want to rest. It is your heart that rests in Me.

The world is as you perceive it. The world is as happy as you are. You think it is the world that depresses you or uplifts you while it is you who uplifts or puts down the world.

If the world is as a child to you, then honor it and find the good. Mine the world for gold rather than dross. Anyone can pick up a piece of sod. It is not a great accomplishment. By the same token, anyone can pick up gold. It is not a great accomplishment either, but it is an accomplishment. No longer accept polished tin over burnished gold.

Believe that there is gold in your heart. It would not be a heart without. The selfsame gold that swells your heart exists in the world. You put it there.

Everything has its value, but gold has more value.

Keep your eye out for gold. What you look for, you will find. You have been astute at finding fault. Now you look for something else, nuggets of joy and love and peace perhaps, and you will find them. You will trip over them.

The streets of the universe are paved with gold, and you walk on them. The gold has been covered up by one mistaken idea or another, but the gold is still there, and gold is gold, covered up or not.

Uncover the gold within you, and the gold in the streets will leap up. You will not be able to look away from it. Your eyes will spot it. The gold and your eyes are magnets. You cannot keep them apart.

If you cannot find it in your heart to look for gold because of past hurt, consider then that the gold is looking for you. Just as you in a crowd look for a pair of eyes to meet yours, the gold of the universe is seeking you. It looks for you to meet its gaze.

Emblazon your heart now with a treasure hunt. That which you seek is in plain view. Look up to find it. It is for you. You are meant to have it. And you are meant to have it now.

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Beloveds, is there something

Beloveds, is there something closer to you than I am?
look to Me.
Your heart reaches Me.
It is your heart that rests in Me.
the heart sweeps Me up in a dance unparalleled.
The heart knows what to aim for.

such a beautiful love letter.