God said:

How can such a being of love as you feel like a perpetual creature of smallness, one smallness after another disturbing your Oneness? Instead of love, often you feel your life is filled with the pettiness of details. How you yearn for a life without them!

Why must dust mount on everything, you wonder, and why must you who are great spend time dusting? Why must food be prepared, and then gone, and the process repeated day in day out? Why must dishes get dirty, and you have to wash them? Why must you be concerned with the details of clothing and have to hang everything up and sort it somehow? Why do cars have to have keys, and why do keys get misplaced? Why must you find postage stamps and why are there cords to electrical objects, and why must you find the outlet and plug them in? Why must your life be involved with detail after detail when you are one who is meant for greatness?

Even as you crawl on the ground to insert a plug, you can be looking Heavenward.

Consider then the small details as arrows that point you towards greatness. Consider the daily details of life a beautiful blue lake that you easily swim through and float in while looking at the great sky above.

Consider the multitude of details of life as book markers. They help you keep your place in life. They are not so bad. They do not have to obstruct your Oneness.

Consider each detail as a tile you are laying down in the Palace of God. You are a tiler who creates beautiful flooring for a temple on earth. Earth is a temple. My children walk on this earthly temple, and you serve earth and all its inhabitants.

Consider yourself a handmaiden in a temple who fills a ewer with water so that the feet of all who walk in this temple may be washed.

Consider yourself a youth who pours wine for temple services.

Consider yourself a cook who prepares food for the children of God.

Consider yourself the host who picks up after those who sit in the temple.

Consider you are a blessed one who washes the tiled floor of the palace of earth.

No detail you perform is insignificant. No detail is less than service to God. Remember Who it is you serve. This is how you raise all the details of living to Heaven. All that you tend to is your service to Me.

It is your privilege to serve Me. It is not your servitude.

Thank God for the details in your life that you can attend to and still have Me in your awareness.

All the feet you wash are Mine. All the floors you sweep are Mine. All the dirt you sweep up is Mine, and you return it to the earth that is Mine.

And you are Mine.

Keep Me in mind, and washing clothes in the river becomes an act of love. Throwing clothes in a washing machine is no less an act of love. More than what you do, it is where your thoughts are. Have your thoughts on love. Keep Me in mind.

In the process of cleaning house, your house is clean, but your purpose in cleaning is greater than that. With every scrub of the cloth on the floor, you are proclaiming your love for Me. Every motion you make is a declaration of love. I offer you the earth and all on it to take care of, and so you are My handmaiden on earth as you are in Heaven.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said mind of Mine
Cleaning is an act of love
With Me in your mind

Love, Light and Aloha!