God said:

Light and energy are the same, but energy is not always what you have thought. There is an energy that transcends the energy of activity, which varies from day to day and moment to moment. The light of which I speak is non-variable. Call it soul energy, if you like. Call it God. Call it whatever you like, but know that there is an energy within you that is immutable and irrepressible. In sickness and in health, you have it. You are it. You are light eternal. The torch you carry is Mine.

You are meant to light up. You are an ignited being. Your flame is perpetual. I fanned light with My breath, and you came into existence. You were never nonexistent, but you became existent to your own awareness. You were incepted in the same breath I was, only it took a little while before your eyelids lifted and you could begin to bring yourself into view.

You are My being breathed upon earth. You are My being, My blessed being, My creation of Eternal Oneness, My hallowed thought.

Today, if you can, or on another day if you cannot, be silent. Converse with yourself and Me alone. Conserve your light energy today. Let it flame larger and savor it.

This self-same energy is the energy of trees and the grass that grows. It is universal energy. It is a river of love, and it all flows from you to everyone and everything and from everyone and everything back to you, even though you and I alone are. You are saturated with it. You are entranced with this light of being.

Take your attention off yourself today and put it on this fabulous connection between Us. It is not even a connection. It is Oneness itself.

When you look at a tree, you are involved in looking at the tree. Look at the tree, and then close your eyes, and within the circumference of your heart, you can begin to feel the essence of the tree, this same essence located somewhere unlocatable within you.

Close your eyes to yourself for a moment, and soak in that essence that is the essence of you. It is also the same fluidity within every other being that is or ever was or ever will be regardless of where they are or have been.

We are talking about more than the eye can see. We are talking about more than words can say. Nevertheless, We are talking about that which you can imbibe and express and get intoxicated on, this fulsome silence of Oneness that underlies you eternally.

This Oneness is sustainable energy. It is foremost. It is everywhere, and it is free. You are always drinking it in. Now it is for you to notice. Look not for the glass it comes from. You are the glass. And you are its contents, and you are the one who drinks from it. And it is all beyond you.

Eternal omnipresent you, My beautiful child. We dreamt you together. Any partition between Us is dreamed up. It can never be true, this picture of you on earth.

There is you and there is I, and We alone are. Anything else is explanation of that which cannot be explained. There are no words for Our Oneness that spans across everything. Everything is only that which We imagined long ago. We are in reverie, you and I, and all this worldly existence is but a passing fantasy, but We, you and I, are always and forever, and there is nothing else but this Supreme Oneness that only seems to pass between Us.