Grow to the Sun

God said:

I am imprinted in your mind or, in your genes, We shall say. But, of course, I am. Certainly, My blessings were stamped on you, but also I, the Giver of the Blessings, was stamped on your heart, mind, genes, soul, every bit of you. In one sense you came off an assembly line, all imprinted the same, and yet, on this assembly line, each of you is hand-done, stamped by hand, created by hand. On the surface, no two are alike. Here is the contradiction: Each exactly alike made by God, and each exactly different, made by the Creator and the created himself!

You were also stamped with your individuality. It is true you are to lose your individuality — your duality — in the sense that it surrenders. Oddly enough, with and within that surrender, you become more unique because My truth can only come through your truth. I am One Truth, but I come through many funnels, no two of which are exactly alike. My Oneness comes through the diversified universe of which you are one and One.

Unique also means Oneness. You are My one One.

We can say My children are one necklace made of many gems. But a gem off the string (if that were possible in My creation) would be a sole gem and would not be part of the necklace any longer. How much less a sole jewel would be off the string than it is as part of the necklace. When a gem is a link of the necklace, it has purpose and strength. Off the string, it is an isolated jewel.

It is not the other gems in place beside it that hold it up and together. They nestle, but one gem does not hold up the other. It is the string of the necklace that holds all together. It is that unifying string that connects. You can call Me the String that holds you all together. You are a jewel on My string, My heartstring.

All the flowers on earth's garden grow to the Sun. And you grow to the Sun. Lean towards it. That is what you do when you read My words here. You are leaning toward the Sun. Your ear is tuned in. You turn to Me, and that turning is everything. You turn, and in so doing, you turn a knob of Heaven. You dial in. You connect. A connection is made.

We are in tandem, you and I. As you lean up, I bend down. We are like a kiss. We are a meeting of heart and mind, and all else is left behind. You meet Me with a heartful heart and a mindless mind. Your mind becomes like an empty hammock waiting to be filled, but your heart is already full of Me and ready to spill over.

The heart knows only trust. It knows nothing of distrust or mistrust. It is your mind that needs to learn trust, and your mind learns it with Me. It has to disconnect from all the static so it can attune to Me.

Remember, your heart is already attuned. The mind has interrupted it, that's all. Your mind has disconnected your heart.

Give your heart to Me, and the mind will learn to follow Us.

Your mind darts, but your heart stays still. Your heart focuses very well. It focuses on love. What does your mind focus on? Why, this and that. What does it not focus on?

Now We are filling your mind with love as well. We are filling it up. Let your mind take its cues from your heart.

Come, heart and mind of you, and follow Me.