The Love of Your Life

God said:

How long you have searched for the love of your life! The lengths you have gone to! The time you have spent. All the effort, all the primping, all the book-reading, all the advice, all the attention you have put on finding a man or a woman who will sustain your heart forever. And some of you succeeded, and more of you did not.

It is much easier to find Me, and I am, in truth, the love of your life. Do not belittle Our relationship. I am not a second best. I am not when all else has failed. I am not second string. Have your Human loves, and be faithful to Me. Live life on Earth, and soar in Heaven.

We are compatible. All of Human life is compatible with Me.

Look, We are One. There is One Sun, but many rays of it. You are one ray. You are one of My rays. And you are equal to all others. Some shine on the east and some in the west or the north or south, and sometimes you are all-directioned. You radiate Me to and fro your Human loves.

Your love is like the rays of the Sun emitted by the Sun. You are a ray of the Sun, and the rays of the Sun, the light of love you shine, are Mine, for I am the Sun and you are My rays of it.

It is not that you have to love Me. It is that you have to accept My love so that you can beam it. It is My love you shine. The more you accept My light, the more you shine. The more you shine, the more you are in accord with My Will, for My Will is for My love to shine and to shine everywhere through you.

You have thought that you were always seeking love, to give it and receive it, but the truth is you have been afraid of it. You have had a sense that love really was foreign to your nature, as if it were a hat you picked up somewhere and put on and wore as a thief or imposter, when all the while the hat was truly yours — you were the hat! -- for love is your nature. Love is your nature. Love is the essence of you. Don't deny it.

When you are in your truth, you are love. When you are away from love, you are not in your truth. With or without love, an act may appear the same. Love doesn't mean acquiescence. It doesn't mean passion. It doesn't mean sacrifice. It doesn't mean absence of self. It means Self.

On a bad day, you will say you are not yourself. Never were truer words spoken. When you are out of sorts, you are out of your truth. That is what makes you so uncomfortable. You feel awry because you have distanced yourself from the love that you truly are. You can never be unlove. You can be distraught, however. Distraught means distracted. You actually are quite skilled at distracting yourself from the true love that you are, and therefore from My love. You cannot undo My love or yours, but you can distract yourself. You do distract yourself. And when you distract yourself, you distract others as well. When you are distracted, you are not seeing. You are seeing something that isn't there. And then everyone else seems to see what you think you see.

Be My light rays. You already are. Let My light radiate from you. Do not frown. Frowning blinds you to yourself. Let yourself shine My beautiful light in all its glory.

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Dear Gloria, wonderful

Dear Gloria,
wonderful posting this "older" Heavenletter, it is so beautiful, it is really a Love Letter from God (but then, all are, I know).

"When you are in your truth, you are love." That's what we are, yes, although it seems so simple it's so beautiful, amazing, sweet...

Thanks again for posting this again.

All my love

Be My Light Rays

Thank you God for radiating for your love through me....


Gloria: a question.

The last sentences of Paragraph 7th
when all the while the hat was truly yours — you were the hat! for love is your nature. Love is your nature. Love is the essence of you. Don't deny it.
Isn't a capital letter missing from 'for love is your nature'?