True Knowledge

God said:

Your search for Me has been a wandering from Me.

You leapt at chances and overlooked the certainty.

You followed flute songs that weren't yours.

Follow Mine.

Follow yours.

This is not to say that there is not value in every song. There is. But your heart is not satisfied until you find the tune your own ears hear.

"Have no other Gods before Me" means: Have Me yourself. I am personal to everyone. I am personal to you. I am multi-dimensional. I am the same God. There is no other, but each has to find Me simply within himself. I am your God, and I yearn to be found.

As you hear Me speak these words right now, you are hearing Me for yourself. It is you who hears. It is you who listens. You hear a recording as it were, an authentic recording that you can replay, and yet it is firsthand. In this recording, I speak to you. You do know that. You hear it in the tenor of My voice. You know Our intimacy. You know to whom I speak. I speak to you. Your hearing is part of My voice. We are a two-way mechanism. But I never say, "Over and out."

I never stop whispering My words of love to you. Of course, My words are more than whispers. My words are Truth, so My words more than speak to you. They embrace you. They wrap you in themselves. They charge you up. My words stroke you, but My words are more than strokes. My words give you the essence of what is spoken of. My words are deliverers to you. They give you the real goods. They are the real goods.

My voice without your hearing is not uncommon. That has been going on for quite some time. But now you pick up My impulses within your heart. Now you begin to hear Me, and what a revelation that is. Your God speaks to you. You hear the echoes of My speech within you. You are the receiver. You are the one who picks Me out. You are the chooser of My words. You are the doorman. You, who have kept Me out, now, let Me in.

In the past, you have sometimes let Me in. Rather, I should say, I sneaked past you. You let Me in, but you were not aware of Whom you let in. Perhaps you don't even remember that you did. Perhaps I climbed over the fence or crept under it, but the point is I got in. Even then, I was no stranger to you.

You can only hear My words firsthand. What I mean is that My words enter you, else you would not hear them. Eyes might read, but hearts would not hear. Will you now agree that you hear My voice? Will you now agree that it is I Who speaks to you, that it is My voice you hear, and My voice that stirs your heart? Will you now agree that your heart is stirred? Does not My voice stir you? I move something in you, and you are stirred. And you want to be stirred more.

You are glad to know that you are cream, but now you want to be cream whipped into butter.

You want your purpose.

Long have you wanted to know your purpose.

Your purpose is not in an item.

Your purpose is with Me.

There, I have told you.

I am your purpose. And you are Mine.

I propose that We link together in Our Oneness and fulfill Our purpose. My purpose is fulfilled through you. And your purpose is fulfilled through Me. This is how intimate We are. This is true knowledge. It is yours to keep. I gave it to you. Once heard, it is kept. Your heart keeps it safe deep within itself.