Greatness Has Been Reborn Infinitely

God said:

(written on Christmas Eve, 2013)
Of course, it’s true that I love you as I love Christ. I have One Child. I do not say or imply that you are a collage that includes Christ. I say I have One Bright Shining Child. What do I see when I see you? The same light as when I see Christ. I see the same because, in Truth and clarity, you are the same. You are the same Light.
Christ said that whatever he could do, you could do, that you could do even more. The thing is that Christ knew Who he was, and you, with a few exceptions, by far do not yet grasp who you are and what you are capable of. It is no secret that you do not see.
You have all the bright aspects that Christ had and has. Christ is made of My components as you are made of My components. Let Us say for understanding, that every human being, as human beings are known, has twelve rays of God. Let Us say that. This does not mean that you would copy Christ. Christ walked his walk in a certain period of human life. I can say that if Christ walked the Earth today, he would replicate himself to the same degree yet in a different light. Of course, I am saying also that Christ does walk the Earth today.
Christ might reveal himself through a different ray of one of these speculative twelve rays. Fame does not have to be a component of Christ today. He can be unknown and powerful just the same. Light is light, beloveds. We can call Christ Light the same as God Light. Christ today can have a different venue or way or ray of projection. We can talk about Christedness, and We can talk about God-ed-ness. We can talk about Christ on Earth, and We can talk about God on Earth. We can talk about you on Earth, each fulfilling My Will in his uniqueness, in his common uniqueness of Oneness.
Christ was shot out of a cannon, as it were. He was Vesuvius erupting. He was the Sun and the Son of God, and so are you in a different day and different way, yet Truth is immutable.
Christ has been reborn, and he has been reborn in you. The Christedness has been born again and again. God has been born again and again. Greatness has been reborn infinitely.
Christ was reported to have said: “Father, they know not what they do.”
I say to you that you do not know what you do. You do not begin to know the good you do. I say to you that you do not know Who you are. This is the crux of life on Earth. I most certainly know Who you are. What do you think it means that the Kingdom of God is within you? What do you think it means that you carry My DNA? What do you think anything means?
There is a Spectrum of Light, and you shine within this spectrum. I will go so far as to say that you are off the charts, beloveds. You are a High Being of God. Each one of you is a High Being of Me. Each of you is the Son or Daughter of God. You are the Soul of God.
Shine your light. You do not have to be known as anything special. To be known as anything may well not be your purpose. You can know that across the board, you are to shine your light. Whatever corner of the world you live in, you are a Bright Light. This is the Truth. This is how it is. It is not that you are looking for recognition. It is that you are looking to recognize. Recognize your own Bright Light, and you will see all Lightedness in the world in every Child of Mine, as I do, and you will further light up the world so all may see the Brightness of Their Light, their One Light, and shine it. See the Light, beloveds. See the Light.

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You have lived in a world

You have lived in a world where most everyone has been bent over, and you grew to believe that being bent over was the way to stand.

Practice standing straight. Practice being who you are and not what everyone else thinks you are or you have thought you were.

You are a huge being of light. Your light encompasses the universe. You are acting on My behalf. I sent you as My messenger of light.

from HL 379

You find such marvelous

You find such marvelous Heavenletters!

shine light,

shine your light,
dear God Heavenley father,
shine light, light its my felow its its my dream,
to breing light wher ever i go is my purpose
in my life give light its other, so the can see your

You are shining God's Light,

You are shining God's Light, beloved Carmen. You are a leader. God blesses us with you.