God In Whose Heart You Are Always

God said:

Let Us say that I, God, am the same as good advice, like Early to bed and early to rise make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. This is not to say that you must set an alarm to go off at 4 a.m., to jangle yourself up as though there is an emergency. Neither are you to be tied down to bed at 10 o’clock.
There is no emergency when it comes to Me. I am always here. Whatever time you spend with Me is time well-spent. There is no coming early or late to Me. Whenever you come, it’s a good time. Any time of the day or night is a good time. Anyway, you know that, in Reality, there is no time at all in order to be late or early in. How would I count the minutes? Would I be a God Who measures time? I have bigger fish to fry.
You do not have to be self-disciplined to remember Me. I am not a medicament you must take every two hours. I am not a question of discipline. Who needs discipline when you can take joy? Come to Me because you want to. I am not a warden. I do not give you a star when you wake up at 4 a.m., or a demerit when you don’t. I am not like Santa who notes when you’ve been naughty or nice. I am God in Whose Heart you are always. Our relationship is not such a big deal.
It is natural to consciously spend time with Me, officially or unofficially. The same as when you are ready to eat, you sit down to eat. When you remember Me, you pull over a chair and sit down with Me. I am ready for you every single instant. I accommodate your schedule. There is no need for you be force-fed when you sit down to eat, so, why on Earth would you ever think that it is necessary that I be force-fed to you or anyone? I am a choice, not a directive.
Where is My love not? Love is the biggest draw in the world. Love holds it own. You are not really a captive of love. Yes, love captivates you. You are not captivated on command, however. It’s just that your attention turns to Me, and We are both glad.
We are so natural that We are One, beloveds.
I am not an order. I am a choice. A choice means you have option. There is no choice that you are forced to make. A time comes when you irrevocably choose to visit Me more often or for a longer time because this is what you most want to do. It’s not necessary to classify Me in a certain sequence from which you do not depart. If you see a Top Choice steak, We can safely say you would choose it. You do not, however, have to choose Top Choice every time. Look, you can go to the races. You can go to the beach. You can take a nap. I am to be found everywhere. There is nowhere you go without Me in sight. My eyes and My heart follow you everywhere. I, Myself, I’m always awake.
Come to Me when you have the thought to come to Me. Yes, come check in with Me as often as you think to with a surge of joy. When you can come to Me with joy, come. If you want to come to Me doubtfully, that’s all right too. No gong rings that tolls you have to come to Me. Nor does a gong clang to tell you that you must not come to Me. All are welcome. You are welcome. Heaven is always open.

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God said: Beloveds, you can

God said:

Beloveds, you can rely on Me, and you can rely on yourself as well.

Now that you have been reading Heavenletters, you are closer to Me and closer to realizing how I might answer a question you ask. Or, when you have a question, you can look for some lines in any Heavenletter that could be a response to your question or a partial response to your question. You can find ten Heavenletters that speak to you. You can find a hundred, thousands.

Soon enough, you will be hearing the answers to your own questions. You know something now. You know more than you used to. You are wiser now. Not all-wise, yet wiser. Indeed, much wiser. Come now to have more confidence in yourself. All you have to do is to let go of the past, past thoughts, past beliefs, past functioning. Cling not to the past, and cling not to answers that used to satisfy.

You are on the cusp of a new world, beloveds. You are not what you once thought you were. You are more adequate than you used to think. Or, on the contrary, you may see yourself as less adequate than you used to think you were.

In either case, this is good progress. You are a human being who is ever-learning. You are open to new learning. There is much you can learn for yourself and from yourself.

There is another aspect here as well. You don’t have to know everything. Everything does not have to be wrapped up, concluded with, sorted out. Unanswered questions are also good.

You can look at life as if you have arrived from another planet. You can see life on Earth from a new vantage. Why not? What do you have to lose but old ways of thinking? And if there is something in your old thinking that is worthy, you can keep it still.

Once upon a time, everything you thought, you thought was exemplary, yet old thinking can and does erode on its own.

There will come a time, and it is fast approaching, when you will not know ahead or plan ahead. You will not have to do. You will walk to where you are going quite naturally and spontaneously. You will simply know what to say and what to do without figuring it all out. All the answers to everything will come to you. You will knock on the right door. You will also open your door to the person meant to come to your door at that precise moment.

All the wheels of the Universe are working perfectly, and all the wheels of your life will run smoothly without your ordering them to. It will be like you have a standing order at a restaurant, and a wonderful meal is delivered to you each day, none quite like the day before, each one just right for the day, and each better than the one before.

A new day is a-coming in every sense of the word new. New world, new you, new pleasures of experience, new life for you and new life for everyone. Old ways cannot sustain themselves in a new world. All this, of course, will be without effort.

Chemicals will fall away. Natural will reign. Good earth will be sustained by the good sun and water and the loving hearts of all. Peace will reign. Negativity will not have its place any longer. No one will want it, and it will no longer serve anyone. You will see further and closer at the same time. You will serve further and closer at the same time. You, beloveds, will be the culmination of all your desires and Mine.

HL 4934

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