Great Vision

God said:

From the depths of earth you rise to the heights of Heaven. Somewhere, Heaven and Earth are meeting. They meet high or low according to how you set your sights. Whether you look up or down makes all the difference in the world. You are always looking at the same thing, only it is from different angles that you allow the light of the world in. You are an artist whose eyes paint the world. One world, and yet so many colors and ways to paint it.

Sometimes you see through a microscope that zeroes in on one part. Sometimes you see through a grand telescope that sees the whole vista and beyond the vista. Yet the whole vista can be seen in one point of it. Wherever you look, you can see the wholeness. From wherever you stand, you can. Do not turn your back on the glory of the universe.

You are able to see the wholeness because you look through the eyes of wholeness. It is your eyes you see in the magnifying glass. You see from and through your eyes to see what you look like. You trap your eyes or you widen them. Widen your eyes and let the whole universe enter your vision. Let it come home to you.

What are you going to let in today? What are you going to admit to the realm of your thoughts? What are you going to tell yourself that you see? You can creep onto details or you can soar through the galaxies, for it is your eyes you see through. You are the Seer. There is no one else.

What preoccupies your mind? Will you let it be Me? Will you let Me overtake your thoughts, uplift them, show you what you may have missed on your own, missed because you thought you were on your own. Perhaps you have shooed away your Tour Guide because you wanted to discover discoveries on your own and so call them yours.

And now I tell you that I am your Own. I am your Discovery. There is nothing else to discover. And so you discover yourself. What of all the wares of the universe would you like to buy today? You can partake of whatever you choose. It is all here for you, biding its time, waiting for you to discover it and so be discovered. You are discovering yourself now.

Letting Me help you see is simply opening your eyes wider. That is all it is. Seeing more is seeing more. What else can it be? There is always more to see. Open your eyes wider, and you will see what has always been visible before you yet unseen.

When you open your mouth wide, you receive. When you open your eyes wide, you give.

Give the gift of the sight of your eyes to the magnificent universe that waits for you to behold it. All has been in readiness, waiting for you. expectant of you, eagerly awaiting your vision, your clear pure vision that sees All.

And are you not waiting to be seen? Do you not long to be revealed? Do you not long to stand in all your glory? So you and the universe are the same. You long to be beheld. And, behold, you can see all that you glossed over before, and it is yourself you see. You are the reflection in the mirror. No mirror is blank. There is someone looking into it. It is you.

The world you see is a mirror. Look with your eyes into your eyes. See Me. See you. See it all and bless it with your vision. Your vision is a blessing I have bestowed upon you, and now you lift your eyes, and you return My great vision to Me where it will radiate upon the world.