Reverence Every Footfall

God said:

When you spread your eyes on the details of the world, you see details. You see the stitches that were made. You see all the twists and turns and back and forths. In your looking at the specific, you may overlook the overall. Beauty is vast, and unbeautiful is small.

Yet in the details you can see the beauty. Hands made those stitches you find fault with. Hearts emblazoned them. Even when humanity shuffled along, even when the stitches were incomplete or too long or too short, steps were being taken. Even shuffling bumbling humanity is humanity. Every human being is an exquisite creation. Every one has a soul. Not one created being is to be sloughed over. There are no masses of humanity. There are only human beings, and you are one.

All are artists contributing to the whole. No stroke on the mural is less integral than another.

Have reverence for what God has made. You have awe of architecture, a cathedral perhaps. But Human hands fashioned the cathedral, and Human beings fill it. The contents of the building merit as much devotion as the walls. Earth itself is a cathedral, and so I ask you to reverence every footfall.

You are working on a great project on earth. You cannot escape that. You at least know that you are part of the whole. If you are a part of the whole, then you have some recognition of the existence of wholeness. The world is more than pieces cast recklessly on the earth. All the pieces make a picture of the world. And the world is a living thing.

The world is created, and every day you rearrange it. Every day you hold something else up to the light. Your eyes are the prisms that reflects so much light in so many interesting ways. And yet it is all light, and all light shines, and all light is bright, and the light is sparked by your eyes. You catch the light in your eyes. From there it enters your heart in order to light all other hearts.

Everyone who walks into your presence is asking you to shine light on them. Everyone who comes to you is asking you for something. No one wants to stay huddled in the darkness. All want to arise to the Sun. All know you have something to do with the sun and that you have the ability to reflect it. See the light in others, for their own vision has been dimmed.

And so today you awaken to what you are called upon to do.

Today you serve the universe. I have bequeathed it to you to do as you will with it. You have the ability to reproach it or uplift it. There is nothing in between. Either you uplift, or you do not. Truly, you are lighting the earth or you are keeping it dim.

You can hold the earth still or you can spin it. I say you are needed to spin the earth so that the sun may be seen everywhere. As you spin the earth, the more light that shines on the earth. You are not on earth to keep the earth where it has always been thought to be. You are destined to raise earth to full awareness of light.

No one is needed to keep the earth in darkness. That has been overdone. Now is the time for bright light to shine on earth. You are the one to shine this new light. You are the one to enter the Sun and favor its light and warmth on the shivering universe.

This takes no effort on your part. It takes realization on your part. When you know you carry light, there is nothing to do but shine it. Shine it you will. You will shine it well. Through you, every glimmer of My light will shine forth today.