Great Light on Earth

God said:

Whatever blessings you have received in life, get ready for more. How does this news make you feel? That sense of enlivenment is how you get ready for more good to come to you. If you have had a hundred blessings, gear yourself up for a thousand more, waves of blessings, blessings like a line of fairy-tale princesses, each one more magnificent than the one before.

Of course, the image of the princesses is not meant to encourage you to make comparisons and to weigh your blessings as one better than another. It is meant to whet your appetite for all the good that is on its way to you. You are going to have an onslaught of blessings, blessings on top of blessings. An avalanche of blessings is already on its way to you, and there is no stopping it.

You will be amazed. Fulfillment of desire is fast approaching. Keep your dreams coming, and they will be added to the list. Santa Claus’ sleigh is being loaded up, and there is always room for more, and more and more will accrue along the way.

Of course, the image of Santa is not meant to conjure up the idea of physical gifts but rather the idea of plenty and fullness. Actually, beloveds, what gifts do you need when Santa himself comes down your chimney? Physical gifts can only be a token of greater, and yet the tokens will also reach you. The greetings that accompany the gifts will fill your heart and fulfill your desires. Just as at Christmas, when children receive gifts, they are receiving love. That is the true gift, is it not? The physical gift appeases your desire for great love. It is never the gift itself, beloveds. All gifts are valuable according to the love behind them. The love is the substance. The physical gifts are valuable according to the track of love they leave. The gift without love is nothing. You already know that.

You are about to receive a great many gifts at your door. You will discover desires fulfilled that you didn’t know you had. They were yours all the time. Fulfillment of desires will be like the sun, which was always yours, appearing at your front door. A big shining sun, which you didn’t realize you had invited, comes by your threshold and fills your house. Now you open your windows wide, and the sun shines out from where you are. Consumed by the sunshine, you radiate it. You did not know how much you wanted the quality of sun to enter your home. You always knew the sun was shining somewhere, only you didn’t know how much, and how much of it was for you.

And when you step out your door, the sun’s light bursts forth, and you see a lighted world. The glow of the sun will follow you everywhere, and it will precede you as well. Magical are you lighted in the light of the sun. The sun’s great light will emanate from you. There will be Great Light on Earth. You will trip over light.

At night each star will be closer. You will see each star as the sun that it is. Like pot lights, the stars will light the Earth, and it will be like dawn all night long.

You will begin to be aware that the whole world is ascending with you. And where would you ascend to but Heaven? Heaven has always been reaching out to you, and now you reach up, and now you take hold of the light of Heaven, and now you are ascended. Your awareness has ascended. Your awareness has opened up to Heaven. This is your ascension. And there is more. There is more.