Great Gratitude

God said:

What is gratitude but a beginning awareness of who you are?

The more you know who you are, the easier it is to be grateful. In fact, I would say that gratitude is knowing who you are.

When you feel you are deserving, you feel bountiful, and can readily say thanks.

When you feel undeserving, it is harder to be glad for blessings that come your way or to even see them.

Gratefulness comes from a sense of abundance, not from lack.

When you know the abundance that is yours, you are abundantly grateful.

Gratitude is an overflowing of your sense of abundance. Gratitude is not an act of will. It is not a decision. It is not a murmured phrase. It is an overflowing awareness. It is noticing that your cup runneth over.

It is hard to be grateful when you don't know what gifts are yours. Be grateful for your capacity to receive more than for what you have or is given to you.

Every gift that comes to you comes from the universe. Whichever hand delivers it, it comes from Me, and it is delivered to you. You are the receiver. You have to believe you are the intended receiver. If you think you do not deserve what is given you, you may take it in your hand but you may feel a mistake was made and that you accepted goods belonging to another, or that you are a hasty thief whom nothing belongs to.

You are an honored guest of the universe. You are no less.

Would you not roll over in joy if you but knew that was so?

What is ingratitude but ignorance of Truth?

All is coming to you, and when you know that, when you really know that, it makes you humble not grasping. Somehow when you know that all is yours, you don't need it so much as you used to think you did. When all is added unto you, how much more can there be? How much more can you need? When you are full, where is room for more?

And yet more keeps coming. Goodness rushes to your feet. You begin to know you are blessed. Feel Our holy connection and you will begin to experience a drop of the appreciation I feel for you.

It is hard for a starving man to give his little stash of food to another. It is hard for a Human being to give blessings until he knows his blessedness.

Unless you have access to a flowering tree, how can you strew blossoms?

And you are the flowering tree. It is from you that all blessings come, for you are the seat of the universe. I have sat you on earth to dispense My blessings to all.

Know what you hold in your hand. Know what you are made of. Know the innermost heart of your being.

Know the love you are made of, and the whole world will know your love. The whole world will rise up in joy. They will know that I have blessed them. That is all they need to know. They do not need to know that yours was the heart that delivered it.

The big thing to be grateful for is that you have much to give. You are the giver of My wares. You hand Me out freely. I well in your heart. You swoon in My love. You accepted My riches, and now you spread them everywhere. You cannot help it. You are a deliverer of boons from Heaven. That you have much to give is not a burden on you but a blessing, a blessing from Me from Whom all blessings come.