Let Your Opinions Be Doors That Open

God said:

You can be certain that you are made of My wholeness.

What you cannot be certain of is that every opinion of yours comes from Me. Opinions are opinions. No matter how well-versed someone may be in a field, his opinions are still his opinions. Do not be opinionated.

Let your opinions be doors that open onto greater rooms.

You are not your opinions. You exist with or without them. Your opinions are not so important as you think. They are changeable anyway.

Opinions are temporary beliefs. And beliefs are not such stalwart things either. Beliefs are not permanent. They do not exist apart from you. Beliefs are a certain meeting-place of thought in time and space. Beliefs are ideas, held by one or many. Ideas move. They are not exalted beings.

What you believe today does not have to be what you believe tomorrow.

Consider your beliefs a vote. You vote for this party today, and tomorrow another. Once you have voted one way, you don't suppose that is how you must always vote.

There is nothing presupposing about beliefs. They are not more important than any other thought. They have more dressing, that's all. They may be said in a louder voice or in bigger print.

I, God, have nothing whatsoever to do with your belief. Believe in Me all you want or disbelieve in Me as much as you want. I am not a result of your belief. Your belief affects Me not.

If a room is brightly-lit, it is brightly-lit. If your eyes are closed, or you wear a blindfold, your blinded perception does not make a whit of difference to the lumens of light. But it does make a difference in your life. You fumble more in the supposed dark than you do in the light, and yet you are in the light.

Why waste light?

Belief in Me is different from knowledge of Me. Knowledge of Me is different from knowing Me, just as hearing about Me is different from meeting with Me.

There is the expression Meet your Maker, and it is a scary thought as it is given in the world. But I invite you to meet with Me, to take the occasion of today to meet with Me. All you have to do is for a moment consider that I am already meeting with you. Stop a moment and think of Me as a presence near you, a lovely presence all around you, and then you will feel Me entering your heart. You will feel My love entering your heart because that is how I come to you.

Don't worry, you can never have too much of Me. Don't get skittish. Don't feel you have to get up right now and divert yourself from My attention. I come to you in the portion you are able to accept.

If you feel overwhelmed with joy or tears at My presence, it is not I Who overwhelms you. You overwhelm yourself with a glimpse of Me.

But, so what, if you are overwhelmed? Better to be overwhelmed with Me rather than with all you have to do. Better to be overwhelmed with Me rather than with life.

You may wonder how We got from opinions to belief to knowledge of diverse kinds to actual experience of My warm presence in your life right now, as I sit beside you, and put My arms around you, and hold you close to Me, and whisper in your ear, "Remember, I am yours, and you are Mine."

Now do you see how little beliefs and acquired knowledge have to do with you and Me? Nothing makes Us more, and nothing makes Us less. We are.