A Choice You Made Long Ago

God said:

In the midst of chaos, I am. Therefore, where does chaos exist?

Certainly in the midst of your personal confusion, I also am. Therefore, where is confusion? It is a mere overlay. It is only a cover for the clarity that simply and innocently lies beneath.

If clarity is the truth of you, then what part does hesitation play in your life? What is it there for? You hesitate because you look for certainty, tantamount to looking for the glasses that are already on your nose. You don't see them, but they are there, and yet you keep looking for them.

Certainty is yours, but certainty does not mean you choose the outcomes of your choices. You will always feel uncertain when you link cause and effect so dearly. The outcome is not always contained within your choice. And if outcome is your focus, you may prevent the very outcome you desire because you hold on so tight.

Outcomes may be a by-product of your choices, or outcomes may be incidental to your choices, but outcomes are not your choices. They may be your conscious desires, but outcomes are not yours to control. Will you accept that?

It is clear that you have a life to live. You are present on earth in an earthly form, and you must make your way in it. That is to say you move in it. That is to say that you make choices all day long. But choices are not so momentous as you think. You weigh decisions in the balance, but what is there to weigh. And there is no accurate scale to weigh your choices upon even so.

Once a choice is made, it has been made, and yet you continue to remake your choices. You check up on them; you reconsider them. You follow them backward, and all the time your choice now is to move on.

Keeping your eye on where you are going is not the same as commanding or demanding an outcome. Ordering an outcome is paying too much attention to the little steps along the way. When you consider each step a milestone, you get distracted from the direction in which you are going. Steps are little. Direction is paramount.

Keep your attention high, or life is a maze.

Keep your eyes on the stars and the sun and the moon and other glimpses of Heaven. Then you will not trod. Your step will be lighter. You will find your way more easily.

Being earthbound does not secure your fortune. Nailing your feet to earth does not help you move. Star-gaze, and you will move without conscious intervention. The polar star will lead you. When has the light of the stars not led you?

Yet you have thought that you independently made your life, but your life is far more than the multitude of choices you have made on earth through half-veiled eyes.

You made choices before you came to earth. You did not come from earth. You came to earth. You came from somewhere. That somewhere is what you search for. Beyond the details of mundane choices, a greater choice was made, and you chose it, and now you search for that which you chose before and beyond the dimensions of earth. You are greater than any dimension. You are more than three dimensions. You are not dimension at all.

Break out of the limits you have placed on yourself. Those limits are called confusion or they go by the name of hesitation or delay.

You are fused with Heaven. That was decided long ago. And yet you are still choosing or debating it. You are already on your way, and you wonder which way to go. You may consider Heaven a choice, if you like, but I call it a decision you made long ago, and I named your decision Truth.