Golden Are You

God said:

I take away your pettiness. I take away your petulance. In return, I give you vision. Would you not give way to My vision?

Generosity is generated from kinship. I know My children so intimately that I can only give to you. You are My generation. I generated you. It is My genes that you have. It is My genes that made you. My love made you. You are My generation of love.

Do not be too proud to be My child of love. You did not create yourself. Nor do you lead yourself. When you lead yourself, you lead yourself in circles and then complain to Me about it.

Get on course with Me.

Greatness comes from Me. I give it to you. You are made of it. But you must never assume that it is of your making. It is of your realization.

Once you know Who you are, then you can only be it.

If you knew you were gold paint, you would only be gold. You would not have to transform yourself into gold because gold is what you are. It is your original state. Perhaps you are gold in a plain wrapper and do not know the color you are within until you are opened, painted, and revealed.

Do not hide the color of your soul.

Do not hide the color of your heart.

Gold is gold.

All is golden within you.

You were born gold.

You were conceived gold.

Anything within you that does not seem to be gold is debris that flew in from somewhere. It does not belong there. It is not you. It is not a part of you. It is apart from you. You can leave it. You certainly don't need to keep it. Foreign matter is foreign matter.

You are not foreign from yourself. You just have been away from yourself in your thinking. You bought thoughts that were not yours, and thought they were. You mistook.

If I say you are gold, what can you be then but gold?

Does someone know something I don't? Does someone know more than I know? Yet you have thought that you did. You thought you knew better than I.

Even right now you don't believe Me. When you don't believe Me, you are doubting. When you doubt, you are thinking that I don't know what I'm talking about. You are thinking that perhaps you have clearer vision than I do.

Oh, My children, gold of My heart, listen to My voice and not to echoes from the world. The world is past. It keeps looking back. You must look Heavenward because that is where you will find yourself. That is where you came from. And that is what your goldenness is to make evident.

Do My words have a tiny hold on you? Is there a little thread within you that can consider the possibility that I am speaking truth and not fancy? That little thread within you that connects to what I say is a golden thread, and it is our connection. You are on earth, but you are connected to Heaven. You are connected to Me. We are connected.

You cannot break Our connection, but you can kid yourself that it isn't there. You can blind yourself to it. But you can also unblind yourself. Simply remove the blindfold over your eyes, and you will see clearly. Take the plugs out of your ears, and you will hear clearly.

Most often you see and hear what your mind (from its various tangents) has told you is there. Your mind predicts what it will see and hear. It predicts you will see and hear static. It predicts that you cannot possibly be gold because look at what you have always thought you were. You see from where you think you are. You see from the platform you think you stand on.

Rise to My dais. You have been an inch from the ground and thought you were seeing the vast universe. You have been seeing a little plot of land.

Now, rise to Me, and tell Me what goldenness you see. ***

My children, you are so quick to credit or blame your constitution on genes you inherited from your parents. You think those genes are inviolable. I tell you they are not. They can change. If you have inherited genes that serve you well, keep them. If you have inherited genes that do not, disinherit them. You do not have to stay what you think you are. You can get out from under or sweep over. You are not bound. That is so hard for you to hear.

But the inheritance I have given you, you cannot disinherit. You are My child, and you have inherited My greatness. You can ignore, dissemble, run from, but you cannot disinherit yourself. What is yours is yours for all time. You are My shining light. I gave you the light of Myself to shine. Accept this inheritance. You have it, so accept it. You have been mistaken to think that you are other than My light. You are lifters of earth to Heaven. It is for you to raise the sights of the world Heavenward. Raise your own, and the world will follow where your eyes look. Look high. Look high. Catch My eye.

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Excellent :)

Excellent. Superb.

This is exactly what i wanted to hear but didnt know it. Very uplifting and encouraging.

I went hear by way of the Cosmic Letter Generation and its so on...i mean with
the Olympics and all and the hunt for greatness and gold in the sports world
on the biggest scene and the biggest ("dais") stage of China with a billion plus people.

...and by the way my e-mail has the word great in it.. (lol)

I will definitely share this message with others...greatness, gold, heavenward, genes of God and Gold.

Thank u heavenletters, thank u Cosmic Generation, thank u God-Heavenly Father.


I fully share your

I fully share your enthusiasm, George.

Beloved George, Where do you

Beloved George,

Where do you live? Do you subscribe to Heavenletters? How does one reach you?