Give to the Giver

God said:

The holiness of God is the wholeness of you.

You are not in pieces. You are whole. Your vision is blotchy, so you think you are pieces, misplaced pieces at that. You think there are holes in you, but there is holiness. It is My holiness that put you together, and keeps you together. You are the togetherness of My heart. You are not scattered pieces. You are one wholeness.

You are one unified whole.

Nothing is separate from you. Nor are you separated from yourself but in your imagination.

Look, your fears are imagined, and then you make them come true.

Make your aspirations come true. Make Mine. Make My desires fulfilled.

You sometimes think, "All is well now. I have sense of God's presence so I am okay. I am fulfilled. I don't need to do anything more. I have God so I don't need God."

But perhaps I need you. Perhaps there is something you can do for Me. Do not stop short. Do not be satisfied with the hem of My gown when you can have My eyes and My heart. You are here on earth for Me. I am here for you, but that is My purpose, not yours. Your purpose is to be for Me.

I give you everything, and, yes, you are supposed to receive. But We are exchange. It is not one-way. That does not mean you owe. It means you want to give. You want to give to Me.

Accept My presence. Assume it as yours. It is yours. But think of Me as much as you think of yourself. Perhaps you can think of Me more. I am your Companion. Perhaps you can be Mine also. Perhaps you can kiss My heart with your joy. Perhaps you can take off your hat to Me. Perhaps you can say:

"Dear God, let me serve You for a little while. Let me give You something. You gave me life and love and the seeking of You. Now that I have found You, I am still not complete. My heart wants to give something to You in return. I do not know what I have to give You. I do not know that I am worthy to give You, but give You, I must.

"It is like I hear You talking to me. It is not altogether enough for me to hear. I must also answer You. You want my answer. You want my speaking to You. It is not accolades You ask for. It is my connection to You that You ask for.

"My connecting to You, dear God, is not a passive thing. I am not just a baby who receives and gurgles. Even a baby wants to share his Zwieback. He hands it to You. It is his pleasure to hand it to You. He keeps it as he gives it. His offering is the gift. There is such power in giving.

"And You want me to have that pleasure as well as all others. It is not enough for me to take. I must return to You. Be it a grubby pencil or dandelion blown to You, I must make offering to You.

"My offering is more than thanks. Thanks are not needed. What is it then? It is part of Our contract. I have a part to play for You as well. And that is my gift to You, My Heavenly Father Who restoreth my soul. Yes, restoration of my soul is a mutual undertaking. My life is Your gift to me. My soul's flying to You is my return. I wish to nourish You as well. You do not need the nourishment I give to You. It is my need to give it.

"Show me my way, dear God. Show me my path to Your door so that I may give something to You."