Your Gaze

God said:

I am the Truthsayer. Be you the Truth-hearer. Be you the quiet listener.

It is so easy to know Me. It is so easy you pass it by. You are used to difficult.

I come not as a parade. No tubas announce Me. No tumblers. No baton-twirler. It's just I am here. Not suddenly. Just finally noticed.

No signal-flares go off. The sun does not suddenly descend. Its light has always been upon you. When you want to see Heaven, you just have to look up. Look far and look high, and you see Heaven. I am there, here. Look close, and I am in closeness also.

Cast a glance My way. It is not My attention that you have to catch. It is yours.

There are no signal-flares of Me on earth, but I am on earth, and there are signals of Me. You are one of them.

You are a signaler of God. You herald Me. You announce Me. Your presence announces My presence.

You are a great teacher of Me. One way or the other, you teach the world about something more, something better, something worth knowing. Your eyes teach Me to others. Even when you look away from Me, you are teaching others that something grand is there that you look away from.

But why look away? Look at Me. Do not be afraid. I am not to be afraid of. I am to be loved of.

When your eyes gaze into the distance you-know-not-where, you are gazing at Me. You are gazing at the possibility of Me. Your gaze has gone past the details of the world. You are not seeing something. You are seeing. We could say you are seeing sight. Sight-awareness.

Be not so active. Leave some space for Me to enter. True, I am everywhere. I am even in hustle-bustle, but more likely it is in stillness that you will notice Me. Make room for Me. Somehow when you make a mad-dash for God, you pass Me by. It is not My wish to escape you. It is My wish to be found by you.

I am the center of a clear pool with eddies. Let your eyes focus on the center and not the moving eddies. Stare at the center, and your vision expands. Your eyes are still, and they see indefinitely. It is not that you hypnotize yourself by looking at the center. You have hypnotized yourself by looking at the eddying of the pool.

You can look at the eddies. You can build yourself a house there, but then you have a house built on shifting water. Build in the center of the stillness of the pool, and you have permanence. Well, you have permanence wherever you build whether you know it or not. But when you build on the periphery, you are like someone who fills a paper cup with a hole in it with water over and over again, and the water slips away, and you become a perpetual filler of escaping water.

I offer you wholeness. I offer you a cup overflowing. I offer you the quenching of thirst. Would you really prefer the thirst to the quenching of it?

Drink the water of My love. It satisfies like no other drink. And I hold it for you.

Come to the still waters of My love. My simple love. I ask that you drink it. I put it to your lips, but you must drink. I can offer and offer. I do offer and offer, but I cannot drink for you. I cannot accept for you the pure water of love that I surround you with. Drink of it so you know you drink of it. Drink of it so you know your lips are not parched. Come here and drink of My love.