Godwriting, the Real Goods II

God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is about impulse.

First, somewhere within you, a desire to Godwrite propels you.

Then, as you find yourself open to Godwriting, an impulse pulses. You are not sure that you are Godwriting. You may even be sure you are not. You don’t feel the Divinity you had your heart set on. You may feel sure you are not good enough to Godwrite at all when it takes no talent to Godwrite – only innocence.

Certainly, Godwriting consists of finding gems of My Words right out in the open for you and not hidden at all. They are yours for the asking, right out there for you and not hidden at all. Yes, there is a certain amount of divining to Godwriting itself that can be likened to dowsing with twigs as in seeking ground water and hidden gems by unsophisticated means.

Every time you Godwrite is new, for Godwriting, by its nature, sneaks up on you. Godwriting isn’t an orchestrated affair. Every Godwriting is a once in a lifetime experience. Every Godwriting is its own impulse. It cannot be reconstructed. Why, Godwriting has hardly been constructed in the first place. Can you say that a fruit-bearing tree is constructed?

In Godwriting, you experience spontaneity. At the same time as a Godwriting may come sentence by sentence or even as one word at a time, a Godwriting may also seem to appear as all at once – Godwriting in one fell swoop! In the world, only is time interspersed.

Your experience of Godwriting may seem slow and steady to you. A Godwriting that arrives may also seem to reach you at the speed of light, something like a mountain stream as it flows to you, a foregone conclusion falling into your lap, a miracle experience that you have again and again, yet no two alike – the same, and not the same at all – remarkable, and yet returning in light to you and yet in different light not at all of your own making.

Of course, there is no demanding Godwriting. There is calling it to you. You have a yearning for it.

There can also be somewhat slow-stepping Godwriting. There are no two Godwritings alike, yet a variety may arrive often. Godwriting isn’t bound to rhyme or reason. Godwriting can just be as it comes. This is the case with life itself, is it not?

Every time you Godwrite, it is as if for the first time. Godwriting is new, and yet Godwriting may seem to have been always. Godwriting feels like a surprise yet may not be a surprise at all. It may be old hat. Certainly, Godwriting is a revelation to you, yet.each experience your own.

Godwriting may be like dribbling a basketball, or Godwriting may be like popping the ball into the basket as if on its own. Surely, Godwriting seems destined. Somehow or another, you too got to be in the mix. This is a far cry from the life you had been used to. It may be a vast contradiction. There is nothing too amazing in life, even as life is all amazing – it is incredible, incredible that you partake of Godwriting and a fraction of life handed to you through the Glory of God.

Whoever dreamed you would be a Godwriter? Nope, not even dreamed of until Godwriting swept you up. This is even too good to have been dreamed of. Or had you somehow made a contract for this very thing you wonder when?

Suddenly, you find out you were born to Godwrite. Who would ever have believed that you, you of all people, would one day actually become a knower of reality to the degree of Godwriting. You hadn’t imagined that you were ever intended to reach beyond the moon. Who could have guessed this idea – let alone reach it?

Even so, the Hand of God reached out to you, and you accepted God’s Hand, knowingly or not.