Godwriting, the Real Goods III

God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is so simple, so easy, that it can escape you. Godwriting is like love – nice and easy when it volunteers itself. Godwriting can come to you, yet you cannot make Godwriting happen. You can’t achieve it. You don't force feed it, nor can you necessarily bear to stop it. It’s a mutually agreed upon process, and you have fallen in love. Which comes first? I suppose My thoughts come first, yet My desire for your Godwriting keeps pace.

Look, Godwriting is a lot like falling in love or like cherry blossoms that fall where they may, and, yet, still, you can shake the tree. The season for Godwriting is in your heart. Your consciousness is the wind that blows the cherry blossoms. Godwriting delights you, and you delight in it. Gathering Godwriting isn’t a project. It needs no introduction. It simply comes about and falls into place.

In one sense, you have no idea how Godwriting comes to you. At the same time, why sit around waiting for it?

If you are going to elope with Godwriting, you don’t have to leave it to chance. Pull up in a golden coach, and take off for the hills.

You can give a nudge to even that which is destined. You can grab Godwriting by the neck and not wait patiently for Godwriting to run off with you. There is you, and there is God. You yourself are not just part of the scenery hanging around. You don’t have to wait to be lassoed. You can get down to it. Godwriting is whatever you happen to find out it is.

When you desire to swim, jump in the water. When you desire to dive into the water, dive.

Godwriting is initiated from above, yet you also get into the swing of it.

When you desire to be a guest, it is incumbent upon you to knock on the host’s door.

This region of Godwriting is forever, yet why wait forever? Do the deed. Beloved, sometime isn’t soon enough.

Wonders simply come to you. You can also beckon wonders to you.

When you are invited to a feast, sit down with fork in hand.

As for Godwriting, sit down with pen in hand... or keyboard in hand... or stick in sand.

May I, God, beckon you with sweet nothings,

You are not required to be the best Godwriter in town. Simply be someone who jumps in. Come to Me! How many times and ways must I invite you?

If you desire to be a great Godwriter or a dazzling Godwriter, you are putting the cart before the horse. Let go of the idea of being the fairest of all. Godwriting isn’t about looking in the mirror at all.

Be glad to be a Godwriter with or without renown.

My ambition for you is simply that you hear Me. This is your ambition as well, is it not?

You give Godwriting in service to Me. Of course, in serving Me, you are also served. Did you forget that We are not two but One? In any case, Godwriting is gonna fill your heart.

Beloved, go ahead and take a chance on yourself. Dare to Godwrite. Well, hey, what do you have to lose? Go ahead and lose a little ego if you must. What kind of loss is that? Go ahead. The water is fine. The day is splendid.

You and I, We are destined to make great music together. Let’s start! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! May the good times begin.

Love, God