Godwriting, the Real Goods I

God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is a fluid event. You aren’t in charge of Godwriting. Hands down, I am the Godwriter. We can say you are an observer, something of a participant in the background, hardly aware, more as if your fingers move to a tune you almost hear. You are not the discerner of guidelines. You simply Godwrite and take it as it comes.

As a non-credentialed ex officio Godwriter, you are innocent regarding the process. Godwriting is a process that falls to you. You are open to it, yet you know nothing of what will come. You may invite Godwriting subtly, yet you have no say about it. You are subject to My Will. With all respect, the best you can do is to kind of get the hang of Godwriting. Hands off, beloved.

Godwriting is not a science. You don’t become an expert. If you want to hear what I may be thinking, don’t kid yourself that you have a say in it. Godwriting is not a technique of yours. Your intellect is outside the grasp of Godwriting. Your intellect is barred. To be a Godwriter, empty your intellect. Godwriting is My Will, not thine.

I invite you to Godwrite yet not at all to figure Godwriting out. Your intellect may tend to interfere. You cannot attribute rules and structure to Godwriting. This is not part of Our contract. Our Godwriting contract is more like:

“Be still. I am God.”

Everyone may pick up the Art of Godwriting at the same time as everyone keeps his hands off. Write down. You may witness to your heart’s joy a spree of Godwriting, yet the most you can be is a receiver.

Just as, in terms of life, I am the Doer, so am I, in terms of Godwriting, the Godwriter.

No one is an expert in Godwriting. Your role isn’t to sum up Godwriting. Beloved, Godwriting is too simple for you. Godwriting is natural. Your place in Godwriting is to stay in the background. You are not to figure out anything. As soon as you may believe you are on top of Godwriting, you likely won’t be Godwriting. There are no expert Godwriters. I, God, am the only Godwriter that exists. I happily lead you to Godwrite.

Godwriting can only come to you. You allow Godwriting to come to you only as you stay out of it. Leave to God what is God’s.

Godwriting isn’t your prey. You aren't to label Godwriting as your invention. You don’t own Godwriting. Be open to what you sort of hear. Do not pry into what I say. It isn’t for you to second-guess God. Let Me be.

A court stenographer in a courtroom takes dictation and doesn’t presume to include his persona.findings.

There is no jurisdiction over Godwriting. There are no rules and regulations except: “Leave that which is God’s to God.”

In terms of Godwriting, you are a nobody. Be glad to be a nobody. This is the most you can be as a Godwriter.

You are not on top of Godwriting. You aren’t an organizer or jet-setter or sooth-sayer. You are a simple servant of God's. You are not a director or producer of My Words. Barely do you hear them. I whisper My Heart to you, and you jot down what you hear.

The Godwriting process simply is what it is when it is. No two Godwritings are alike. You receive what I give you to receive, and in some free way, you pick up what I say so quietly.

Beloved, here’s the thing: (Smile.)

Godwriting isn’t your fiddle-faddle.