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Godwriting from Scott Arant

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I Believe in You

God said:

Why do you think you are only a body? Who convinced you of this? Your eye’s, your perception, others, who? You are in a body, but my beloved, you are far from just a body with skin and bones and a hank of hair. You are divine, you are essence, you are pure spirit and you are limitless. That is my opinion of you…that is how I see you. Can you change your mind about who you really think you are? Can we finally agree on this subject once and for all?

I created you; I formed you…not as a body, but as the pure essence of Spirit. Of the very fabric of who I am. Even your DNA is formed with this magnificent fabric of Spirit. You were formed in my heart and in my soul. You are always in my thoughts. In fact, I cannot but think of you all the time. I guess, I am hopelessly in love with you. What do you think? Are you hopelessly in love with me?

Has your world as you know it dictated who you think you are? Have others convinced you that you are not part and parcel of me? If so, throw out everything you have ever learned about me or yourself and start afresh. This very day say to yourself… “I am in God, and God is in me.” Since, God is limitless; it must mean I am limitless too. Yes, the world will try to convince you otherwise…that you are indeed limited…but that is not true. You are only limited by your limited and small thoughts about yourself. You haven’t bought into what the world says about you have you?

Some would say that they are smarter than God…smarter than the one that formed them and created them. How can this be? No, they are not smarter than me; they just are not using the resources that I have, and I have all resources. They could understand more if they wanted to but their egos are too large. They think that their ego-mind is the mind of God and that they can outsmart me. Can they? Have they? No, they haven’t, they have outsmarted themselves again. Ask if you will if they understand everything like I do. I challenge you to see if they can explain to you and even the simplest of my creation.

The answer is not in their ego-mind to do it... If they would but seek it from the Source, they would find it…and I am the Source. They might think they know and understand but they understand so little…especially about me…especially about my love for them…especially about how I want to have fellowship and friendship with them. They think that the love of a man or a woman is the epitome of love. It is part of the equation, but definitely, not all the equation. I have a love for them that no man or woman could ever even begin to imagine. I know this is hard to grasp, but it is true. Many have found this and would never make the statement that the love of a lover even compares with my love…not even close.

Does your lover or spouse spend every minute of their existence thinking about you? I do! Does your lover or spouse only think of ways to make you happy and fulfilled? I do! Would they do anything for you without any limits? I will! This might cross your grain because of your limited beliefs about me…but they are all true. Put them to the test for yourself. Not that I am not proven. My faithfulness reaches to the heavens and beyond. I am everything that you some day will fully experience. Why wait to die to experience it? It is here for you right now. Did not Jesus say that the “kingdom of heaven is within you”? So, why wait to die? Why not enjoy this great relationship that transcends all others. Do you think it is me that is holding back on you? No, my child, it is not me holding back anything. I only give everything to you. What do you want? Step into it. Nothing is impossible to him/her that believes. Believe in me, and believe in yourself.

Yes, I know you have been taught by well meaning teachers that it is selfish to believe in yourself…it is selfish to put yourself first…it is selfish to love yourself first. Do you believe this? Than change your thinking quickly. If you follow the world’s thinking which is the ego-mind you will be wrong and found lacking every time. If you follow me…all will be well with you. You will be happy…you will be fulfilled…you will experience God in fullness. You must love yourself first before you can love others. So many have distorted this. Even Jesus said to “Love thy neighbor as THYSELF”. Be true to yourself and you will be true to me and to others around you. It must start with you.

You have been convinced otherwise. You have been sold a “bill of goods” that cannot and will not deliver you what your heart really desires…Peace, Love, Joy and all the fruits of Spirit. Change your thinking my child. Agree with your higher self that is always in agreement with Spirit. Look not to what others say you are…look only to your higher self. The higher self is always in the know. Your direction and guidance is assured with your higher self. Have no confidence in the ego-mind as it is an illusion.

If you have failed in the past by claiming what others said you were or what others said you can or cannot do, then why not start anew? Why not this very day make a proclamation to yourself that says “Today, I will be as a child who has never been taught anything. Today, I let loose of all thoughts of who others say I am. Today, I accept the totality of who God says I am. Today, I will listen to my inner voice, the voice for God, the voice of my higher self”.

By doing this my beloved child you are now in agreement with me. Heaven and earth will pass away, but you and I will not. I love you my child. Will you believe in yourself for a change? I do…I believe in you!!!



D. Scott Arant

Dearest Scott, finally I

Dearest Scott,

finally I succeeded in reading also this wonderful Godwriting. God has told us this truth so many many times and I'm sure will do it many more times, but now we should really feel this in our hearts, in our beingness, in each moment, we should really recall continiously this truth to our mind and heart, each breath we take.

Why not this very day make a proclamation to yourself that says “Today, I will be as a child who has never been taught anything. Today, I let loose of all thoughts of who others say I am. Today, I accept the totality of who God says I am. Today, I will listen to my inner voice, the voice for God, the voice of my higher self”.

Love and blessings to all !

Thanks again Sweet

Thanks again Sweet Berit,

You are so great at responding to my writings...I appreciate you!