God's Welcome to You

God said:

Yes, We, you and I, write, and it is written. No matter who you think you are, it has always been We.

There is Being. There really is no deciding, for Oneness is. Life lives itself. Life decides itself. Writing is its Own Consciousness. Or, We can say that present writing had come to Life before it was written. It is not exactly that tales that are told have been stored. Let Us say Life and Its Tales are always available, and availed of in what is thought of as any time anywhere.

A so-called minute ago arose, as it were, eons ago. Who can say? Words arose from the mist and could have arisen at any moment of Infinity, even as Infinity has no moments.

We could say that there is nothing that has not already been written or cognized. There is nothing that has not already been thought of. There is nothing that was not present before you noticed it, yet, in the Truth of Life, there is no past or future. There is no has-been. There is no will-be. There is a Continuum of Vitality and Earthiness that is noted as Present. What is really going on is Infinity which is deeper than going on.

Infinity dissolves and revolves. What you know as Life evolves. There is Fullness. Fullness is full yet not yet finished. Or, We can say there is nothing but the Intelligence of Infinity. Infinity isn't doing anything. It isn't going anywhere. Existence is Existence Itself. Existence is not yet a wave. Existence is an Ocean Whose Tide has not yet swept itself into Waves. This is the Truth of Life.

You existed before you were born. There never was a time you were not. There also has never been time. Time doesn't march on. There is no space for time to exist. There is a Great Illusion, however. Without space and time, there is Pure Being. This is Reality. This is the Truth of You and Me.

It is also said there is Nothingness in the Midst of Everythingness. Nothingness isn't easy to talk about. Nothingness has no words to speak of.

Stories are made up. We can say that stories are born. It is pleasant to say: "Once upon a time,..." It is pleasant to say: "Once upon a time, a King was born."

It is pleasant to plant seeds that will become flowers or bear the fruit of a common realization. Many stories are told. No matter how real stories may seem, they are not real, yet you behold a picture of story before you. You can even take a photograph of perceived reality to prove it.

There is an issuance from Earth that goes far beyond its projections. 

After all, where are thoughts planted but on Earth? Soil is required, and, voila, soil is provided.

Life in the world is a common mass of thought molded into what is thought of as clay. Everyone is a clay figure. And everyone is far greater than any figure. Gold itself is not the factor.

A party is given, and all choose to come. All are swept up into illusion. The music begins. The strains of the music begin. There is sound and beauty, and there is love.

It is a haunting refrain you hear. It is a call to Life on Earth. Life seems to appear in segments. There are vibrations. You dance to you-know-not-what, and yet you dance and you sing. You make parades. You make forays into nature. You are nature-oriented. You have a nature, and it is your nature for a while, and yet you are a soul that transcends nature and the world. You are Existence Itself.

We can say you always were, yet there is no past to exist. We can say you always will be, yet there is no future for you to be in. You are. You definitely are, yet you do not exist in time. You simply exist out of time. You were never not, yet you never were. You simply are.

Meanwhile, you attribute bits and pieces of Life as openings and closures of time and space to create the mass illusion of the Most Beautiful Physical World made more beautiful by the sweetness of its temporariness. This is your Introduction to Life in the World. This is My Welcome to you.

Nevertheless, it is Myself I welcome. It is not new that We, you and I, are One.

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... what is thought of as clay

Sublime. I love it.
Thank you.

God's Introduction to You

God said:

Hello. Let Me introduce yourself to Me, the Me of you. You are really I, yet you disguise yourself as you. And, wonder of wonders, you come to believe in your disguise.

I am real, and naught else is. Not one thing you are familiar with is true except for Me which is, as it happens, the Truth of you, even though you don't believe it. You have been indoctrinated in down-pedaling yourself.

Right now, as We speak, this is an imaginary conversation We are seeming to have. It can be said that I talk to Myself. There is no else to talk to. And yet what I hear is the reverberation of Myself, and I am happy. I am very happy.

And if, for a while, you act as though you were an entity separate from Me, then so shall you seem to be for a while. We will be a kind of conspiracy, an illusion that the whole extant world seems to endorse, or flaunt, consider important when all is a tempest in a teapot, a barnacle on stone, a creature from the sea of imagination.

And what a great imagination you have. You can only temporarily, of course, push yourself off to the side of the road, as though you were auxiliary while you are totally, truly the One of Me, the One of One. I can't say One of All, because there is no All.

Totality is Oneness. There is naught but Oneness. Oneness alone is, and Oneness is so rife with Fullness and Beauty, and, in your case, full of imagined beings and happenings, a fantasy that is taken as true. Even though it is a story, a wild one at that, it is upheld as true even as Truth is something else to behold.

Of course, Truth cannot really be beheld. It can only be. Truth is. The Truth of Being is I, and I am you, and you are I, and Oneness is thriving, and you are Oneness.

Of course, in the world as it is, you cannot go around saying, "I am God," even though this is the Reality, you understand, don't you?

I am One. And that's the whole story. That is the One Truth, and you, beloved, My beloved Self, do not exist except as Myself.


The drama I live as you in the world is a story of body and soul, is it not?

There is no identity crisis. There never was. Your whole sojourn in life in the world is to find out Who you truly are. Without exception, I am your Magnificence. I am your True Nature. Not one human being running around on Earth is lacking Oneness with Me.

How strange this seems to you. How strange that you in your fantastic body do not recognize Me in supposed others and in your errant self when, all along, you are Myself!

This is the mystery of the centuries! To solve this mystery is what you have come to Earth to solve, to dissolve, to become Our One United Self.

And, so, you are perplexed. Beloveds, you are rowing a boat to where you already are. You are looking for your Name. You are looking for the Unspoken, the Uncaptured, the Unknown.

That which you do not presently believe is what you are seeking.

And, yet, I know very well where I AM, and deep inside, you, that myth of you, also know. Deep deep within you, submerged, yet there, is your keen realization of Who and What I AM, and, therefore, intimate knowledge of yourself.

The evidence that I AM is you. You are the evidence of My Existence. You are My Being, and it has ever been so.


(excerpts from Heavenletter #4166 and Heavenletter #4387)

Just as appropriately,

Just as appropriately, I suppose could have titled this "God's Introduction to Me" or "My Introduction to God" since I'm sure there must be many other letters that serve as good introductions to the website and I "picked" both of these personally meaningful quotes from the Random Heavenletter Generator myself. However, I had this ready a few days ago and it seemed to fit well today. :-)

Welcomes, Blessings, and Love Always.

Do the work, dear one! God's

Do the work, dear one! God's Words are your work.. Keep your attention on the work. Explanations are beside the point, dear. Keep your attention and our attention on the power of God's words.

God bless you, dear friend.