God's Light in You

God said:

Holy is this moment of expansion before you. It is yourself you sight through the telescope. How lonely you have been until now. You have wept from loneliness. Now you will weep from joy.

I am the joy I give you. I am synonymous with joy. I have always been with you and before you, but you had been so busy with little things that you forgot to notice Me. And now you are noticing Me and how I affect your life.

You had been skirting the issues. You involved yourself in issues so that you could avoid Me. You and I were always the issue, naught else. You and I. Now I am your discovery. And this is a fine time to discover Me.

I am your windfall. I am your enlightenment. It is not your enlightenment, you understand, it is Mine. When you see My light, then that is called enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something else. It is My light that you wake up to.

You have always been enlightened. Do you imagine that there are unenlightened angels? But you are the one who has to notice. It matters not what someone else notices or not. It is your awareness that is pivotal.

Your enlightenment is My pleasure.

Enlightenment is not found outside you. It is found within you. True, I am everywhere, but My light within you cries out to be seen and named enlightenment. And only you can discover My light within you. It is yours for the discovery.

A star is filled with My light. It is a reflector of My light. A twinkling star never doubts Whose light it shines or for Whom it shines and why. A star is so full of My being that it shines My light for all to see. It keeps everything it gives. It sighs with its joy of sharing My light.

My light is the only true. It is the only consistent. All else is passage. My light passes, but it never is done. It cannot grow dim, My light. But you can avert your eyes from it.

My light shines irrevocably in you. My light is the constant. How you shine My light is a choice you make. Whether or not you acknowledge My light within you is your choice. You may disavow My light, if that is what you choose. You disavow My light by not choosing it.

I suggest you choose My light and know it is yours to shine. In truth, My light is the only thing you have. You have it because you are it. My light is the extent of who you are. It is the near and the far of it.

You can be a flickering light, if you choose. Or you can beacon My light vociferously. You can shine My light so brightly that it can only be seen. Christ did but shine My light for all to see. He was not selective in whom should see My light. He did not save My light. He shone it. And My light through Christ still shines, so sure was he of Whose light he shone. His is that same light that shines in you.

All you have to do is hold it up a little. You are a star on earth who shines My light. Let it be seen, My light. Rise it high for all to see. Only you can shine My light on earth. And only you can see it. It is for you to behold, the light you shine.

You must know by now that you are much more than your isolated body. You must know by now that you are much more than the physical density you pinch. The realness of you is My light. Beam it. See with My light, and how well you will see. And how well will My light be seen. Seeing with My light is shining it.