Signaler of Heaven

God said:

The world has been a crutch you leaned on long after crutches were not needed. You accounted to the world when it is yourself and Myself to account to. You had forgotten that you could walk without leaning on anything.

You are a forward-mover, a trailblazer. You are an angel pioneering on earth. You are opening new frontiers of yourself. And that is how you open the universe.

You solve the problems of the world by expansion. As you expand, problems thin. I am speaking literally.

You must know by now that cackling over the problems of the world does not solve them.

How important you are, you, the new signalers of Heaven. If you don't dare be a signaler, then be an acknowledger. Be an onlooker of Heaven.

Your life is not in two parts but in one part. You are One Wholeness. You are not divided. You divide yourself.

And now We are in the process of putting yourself back together into your original confluence.

What a happy part is yours to play in this unfolding of the universe.

The universe obliges you by being what you think it is. But you do not oblige the universe by old thinking and dismay.

Consider for a moment that the conclusions you have drawn are ill-concluded. You have been mistaken in your approbation. You already know that your moods change the apparentness of the world. And it is your inkling of greatness that changes your moods.

Even the little loves you have known have changed your outlook. You already have had a glimpse of what can be, and now you can make that glimpse come true. You can establish that glimpse and view the universe through My eyes of love until only the truth of My vision is seen. Your eyesight changes everything.

The world will tell you that you are a number. I tell you that you are not a number. You are not a robot who does robot things. You are an angel on earth here to do angel things. Cast love. Step out of numbership and be free to pursue that for which you are meant.

When your step is heavy, you have allowed yourself to be a number. When your step is light, you have lifted yourself higher. And there is higher yet for you to rise. And you rise by rising.

Do not wait for others. That is precisely what being a number in line means. Waiting. But there is nothing you have to wait for but your own acknowledgement of yourself. No one else's.

Do not wait for permission to be great. The world may not encourage it, but I do. I encourage you to step up to your appointed place and see from the heighths of My love. It is such a little step to go.

Admit the possibility of the light that you are. Admitting the possibility is the same as letting the light in. It is the possibility of you that you are ushering in. Possibility is the realm you deal in now. You have had enough of what has been. You are now opening up vistas of what can be. You are opening up the possibilities. Am I the only One Who knows that the possibilities are the actualities?

I will show you the entire universe. I will open the lid on it. And you will peek. And you will fall into the Greatness that you already are. And you will splash the universe with My love that you fell into. And what a splash that will be. And what a splasher of My love are you.

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thank You!

Thank You...........,

Cosmic Heavenletter Generator is just a Magical Gift to all of us from You.
In it one can find all the wisdom You wish to share with us and...where we are opening up for!

There is NO LIMIT to what can be found with Cosmic Heavenletter Generator. I am speaking literally.
You make me feel like the little child again who has no doubt over what can be and experiences it.
You are a loving Father playing joyfully with His child, mixing old boring earth reality with glimpses of Your Divine Reality!

How can I ever thank you enough, Father, for these blessings?

I love You.

Thanks, Anco,

speaking literally.