To Great Wonder

God said:

All signals Me. Pain signals Me. It makes you stay still a moment. Joy signals Me. Joy makes you expand a moment and savor the expansion. The contraction of pain increases your awareness of Me as does the expansion of joy. You burst through your limits in joy or in pain. There is no way that I cannot be entered into.

Nothing makes any difference when it comes to Me. There is nothing to be changed. But you can make great difference to yourself. You have. One way or another.

I ever enjoin you. I call for Our union. I call for your recognition of Our union, for Our union is already inviolate. You have not been off-track. Your attention has been wayward, but you, yourself, are on track. But knowing that and not knowing that makes all the difference in the world. That is the only difference in the world. That is the whole of difference in the world. Your attention. Where your eyes alight. What you are thinking of.

You have never been anywhere but with Me. Now bring your attention back to Me and Our whereabouts. Your attention is like a laser beam. Focus your attention where you want your power to be. You want your power high. So focus high. Then one look from you will cover the universe.

Beam your attention upward. Your attention has been in small places. You preferred to think that a small expanse was all there was and that there was no more.

But now you know there is lots more, and that it is all for you. It is all yours but for your noticing of it.

Gaze upwards. Follow Me. Follow My light and not tiny shadows on earth. Follow greatness and not smallness that previously had your endorsement. You previously stamped and certified every little thing. Now move on and imprint what is worthy of endorsement.

Sign your name on the sky. Write big. Use small surfaces no longer. Envision your vision. Envision it before you see it. Envision My vision, and then you will embrace Mine and know it is yours. My vision is your only vision. What you thought you saw were only marks in your eyes that you thought were something to see rather than to be seen through. Now you are going to actually see. For the first time, you are going to see. And what an opening that is.

The stage is set. The curtain is going up. And for the first time you will see what is before you and not what you presumed was there.

Your vision and truth will be inseparable, for it is My vision that will be yours.

Wouldn't you rather see through My eyes than your nearsighted ones?

Wouldn't you rather use My heart and My breath? The truth is that My heart and My breath are what are and what you have been using. Partly. You have none of your own. Your heart beats through Mine and I breathe your breath. You had thought you breathed on your own and that your heart was your own metronome, but now you know that it is I Who beats the rhythm of your heart and the inspiration of your breath.

That has to be of great relief to you. Now you can draw a breath and let it go. Now you don't need to hold on to anything, certainly not your worries. Now you can know that you ride in a Grand Carriage with a Driver Who knows where you want to go and how to get you there.

All your present life, you have been a backseat driver. Your instructions and your hurry have been only interference. Now, lean back, and watch the sights on the way to your destination. Next to your destination, the sights along the way are incidental. Your arrival is the event. Your recognition of your arrival is what your journey is for.

You arrive where you came from. Your destination and departure are the same. Your travels recall truth to you. It is the truth of your origin that you have been seeking all along. Your journey doesn't change your origin. It brings you back to your beginning. And you began wonderful. And to Great Wonder you return yourself.

You have mistakenly thought that you were the sum total of all that happens in your life. The happenings of your life are not your life. They are happenstance. The happenstance has purpose, but the happenstances are not the purpose. They are merely events in time and space.

Your life is a fluctuation in time and space. Time and space are only fluctuations. They can't be more than that. But you are more than that.

You are My perpetuity. That which you seek, you are.