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In God's Name - CBS primetime two-hour special Sunday, Dec. 23

A press release from the CBS Television Network says that IN GOD'S NAME, a CBS primetime special produced in association with the acclaimed French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet, will explore the complex questions of our time through the intimate thoughts and beliefs of 12 of the world's most influential spiritual leaders.

These diverse and powerful voices offer provocative, compelling and enlightening perspectives on a myriad of issues in our post-9/11 world, including the rise of terrorism, fanaticism, intolerance and war.

The two-hour special will be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 23 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

For reading the more, pls go to:

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Since I don't get this channel in Italy I wonder if someone can record this and make a dvd or upload on the web.

Pls also remember that this Heavensite is not meant for religious discussions or similar, I just thought it might be interesting. Many thanks for your understanding!

Love and blessings to all !

Thanks Berit, for letting us

Thanks Berit, for letting us know about this upcoming special!

I will mark it down on our calendar and ask our neighbour (who is a technical wiz) if he can tape it on a DVD.


Dear Berit, I talked to my

Dear Berit,

I talked to my neighbour and he says, it is no problem for him to record the CBS Special on Dec.23, even if he is not home or watch another program. All he needs to do, is preprogram it.

In the N. American continent, we have a different system than the European countries and he wonders if your DVD Player can read our system or, if you know where you can have the DVD re-copied to your system?

Please let me know. I gladly help you out on this.


Dearest Xenia, I thank you

Dearest Xenia,

I thank you and your neighbour so VERY MUCH for your help !!! Should there be problems for reading the dvd I think I can find ways to change the format or save in another way.
I hope I'm not bothering and I thank you so much.
Pls be so kind as to let me know about shipping costs and so, I will submit in some way.
You are an angel dear !!!!! Many many thanks again !!

Love :wub:

Don't worry about shipping

Don't worry about shipping costs, dear Berit. :) Maybe some day, I will ask you to send me some DVD? :Rolleyes:

Now, I don't have your mailing address and you might not want to post it openly. I suggest that you click on my name, which takes you to my account and there, you will find 'Contact', which will give you the means to E-mail me. Actually, I E-mailed you that way, but am not sure if it reached you at all. :? Let's try it anyways!

As I mentioned before, I am glad to help you out. Gern geschehen!
With love,

God bless you both. There

God bless you both. There are good people in this world, and it is nice to know them.

Dearest Xenia, I'm sorry I

Dearest Xenia, I'm sorry I see your wonderful posting only now !! :Criying:

my private email is: bdelaini [at] fastwebnet [dot] it

I didn't get any mail from you, maybe the web is "full". I had some problems with mails coming in from yahoo, or better they didn't come in at all. :?
I THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:
Let me know if there's anything you'd like from Italy ! 8)

Love :blushing:

Hello Berit, this time it's

Hello Berit, this time it's my turn to apologize for responding much later. :blushing:
With us, celebrating Christmas with the family much earlier and then, going out of town for several days and celebrate Christmas again, this time with friends, plus some disruptions with internet connections after we came back, all in all, time flew.

The good news: our dear neighbour did record the TV Special and I have the DVD ready for you! :thumbup:

I'll E-mail you.

You ask if i'd like something from Italy. How about Lake Como (close to Milan)? :Rolleyes: I read an article about it recently and it seems to be a wonderful, scenic, serene area with clean air and age-old towns and villas. I would love to visit there. 8)


Dearest Xenia, THANK YOU -

Dearest Xenia,

THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU !!!!!!! :Rolleyes: :big :blushing:

Lake Como is surely very beautiful, also Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo (small) and others. Also some Hinterland from Milan is really beautiful and it doesn't seem to be near a Metropolis.
Further there's the dome in Milan and the famous La Scala, l'opera. ;)

Thanks again dear angel for taking this trouble !!!!!!!
Have send you private email also... :Rolleyes:

Love and BIG HUGS !

Did you record this program,

Did you record this program, I am in the US and only caught a small bit, I want to see it in whole. If you recorded it on DVD I will buy a copy. God bless!

Hi Karen, Our neighbour

Hi Karen,

Our neighbour recorded the program on DVD, which I'll be sending to Berit in Italy. He nor we have the possibility to copy the DVD. Sorry.

If you search CBS, you could see the program on their video, although it is not activated at this time. It looks like they will offer the complete program in DVD in the future.

Good luck to you,

P.S. I don't remember seeing your name on this forum before. Are you new here? Would you like to sign up? It would be nice to know more about yourself and "Heavenletters" and this forum are great places to visit and share.