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The Meaning of Christmas

Hello everyone!

I just had to share this with you all.
It's just arrived in my mail box, and well it brought tears of joy to my eyes, and an inner feeling of 'knowingness',
particularly after I had left a poem on the forum earlier today about the very same thing, and Aquarius posted something similar yesterday I think it was, and of course our dear Gloria too passed on to us her words from God on this very same theme.
It is so so wondrous when many confirm each others thoughts and feelings ~ it really confirms and strengthens our knowingness that we truly are all One!





Meaning of Christmas - Neale Donald Walsch

I couldn't sleep last night.

I was up from 2 until 6, having another one of my Conversations with God.

"Tell me about Christmas," I said. "What is it really all about?"

And I heard, "What do you mean, what is it really all about? I've told you a million times what it's all about."

So I said, "Tell me again. I think I may have missed it."

And suddenly my head was filled with a Christmas Carol - one of the happiest and most triumphant of all the melodies of Christmas.

"Joy to the world," the song began, "the Lord has come."

But I couldn't get into it. I kept wondering, what is joyful about the coming of someone who is going to be a lord over us?

God! I said...I don't understand this!

And God replied, "You're right. You don't."

Then God said, "But at least you're asking a question. And that's good. It's really hard to understand something if you think there are no more questions to ask. You can't be given an answer if you think you already have the only answer there is."

"Well, I don't have the answer," I admitted. "So what's the answer?"

And God said, "The answer is that the Lord...who has not a lord over you, but in you."

These words came to me at 2:57 this morning, and I pondered them in my heart.

"Then," I ventured, "The Christmas season is not just a remembering of the birth of a Babe. We'll sing about that Babe on Christmas Eve, and honor his arrival, for he brought a new telling of a great truth - and a true living of it - to the world. And these truly were tidings of comfort, and joy. But this is also a celebration of the birth of the Christed one in all of us."

And God answered softly, "yes."

And then I wondered what all the songs, and all the messages, and all the feelings of Christmas would mean if I accepted this truth. If I really understood that the message of this season is not about one blessed being, but about all beings, being blessed.

Not about someone else, but about us.

About me.

But oh, my gosh, did that sound bad. I mean, it actually sounded like blasphemy.
How could Christmas be about me?

Of all the self-centered, ego-maniacal thoughts!

This is about the coming of the Lord! This is about the Gift of the Magi!

But, my heart insisted, what if the gift was me? And what if the Lord HAS come to be in me, not over me?

I know that I can find a place for him over me, but can I find a place for him within me?

And what would it mean for me to do that? What would it mean for me to be not only a person who has been blessed, but a person who is blessed? And for me to think of you in the same way? What if I saw you as blessed? Would I act differently toward you?

I'd like to think I would. I'd like to think that I would be more kind to you. More gentle with my words, more caring with my actions, more compassionate in my thoughts, more honest in my dealings, more patient and generous and...and more aware of the wonder of you.

And if I thought that I was a blessed person, would I act differently toward me?

I think I would. I think I'd be more kind to myself. More gentle with my words, more caring with my actions. I think I'd be more compassionate with myself, more patient and generous and...and more aware of the wonder of Me.

But is it possible that we are all blessed?.....

The article continues in the on-line mag, and I hope that this link will take you there...

If anyone has any problems reading the rest of it, let me know and I'll forward you the email that it came in.

Much Love and many Blessings to each and every one of you!




Dearest Mary, many many

Dearest Mary,

many many thanks for this posting! I too received in my mailbox but I succeeded only now to open the link. It's a wonderful pdf file - many thanks for this reminder !

Love and blessings to you dear Angel