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God inspired work selflessly done with love for Heavenletters


Many of you may not be aware of the website I mention at the end of the post. The website consists of Heavenletters that were manually indexed and individually placed in web pages that are user friendly and accessible, by even slow computers and internet connections. The Heavenletters are indexed according to title, number and date. There is even a collection of Christ and Christmas Heavenletters.

From a designer and developer's perspective, I can understand how much patience and care goes into producing something so quietly beautiful.

Annette Bradley has been maintaining, developing and hosting for many years. I remember from her emails, Annette said that she was moved to do the work. It was something that she had to do.

Well done, Annette. Thank you for the devotion and care you put into

And now here's a delightful reason to visit there...which is what reminded me about Annette's work
This is a series of questions Gloria asked God...almost a like a casual conversation. What's striking is that God then is the same as God now. Nothings changed.

All that beloved Annette

All that beloved Annette quietly does behind the scenes is awe-inspiring. She has done it for many years on her own without asking for any glory, appreciation, acknowledgement, or credit, asking only for the privilege of doing it. Only God could manifest such devotion.

You can imagine how touched I am when someone like Annette comes forward to give and give to Heavenletters on her own.Translators fall into this category. Day in and day out, by themselves at the computer, quietly serving.

And how incredibly marvelous it is when another one who gives and gives without asking for anything but to serve has the consideration to write a post, giving long overdue recognition to Annette and what she does for Heaven. That is you, Heaven Admin -- One, Wunluv, Mojah Media. Gracias.

As with Annette, it is impossible to comprehend the man hours, the vision, the constant dedication to bringing God-given Heavenletters out into the world that you have given and continue to give through this forum, the website, the blog, the distribution of Heaven News and Heavenletters and all your creative inspiration.

I burst with joy and appreciation.

God bless us all.
With love, Gloria

Thank you, Santhan and team

Thank you, Santhan and team for your kind words. As you well know, it is pure bliss working for God. (All work done with love is work for God.) Of course, we all know that God merits the ultimate thanks, as He recruited, guided, and inspired me--and the entire Heaven team, as well as the readers! And continues to do so. And, of course, it was God Who started the ball rolling years ago through Gloria. Her tireless devotion to writing down God's words, day after day, year after year, continually pours the joy of Heaven throughout Earth in the form of Heavenletters. And you, Santhan, have taken Heavenletters to a whole new level of expression through this Web site, I am continually amazed at your executive, organizational, and technical skills, not to mention the incredible love and devotion that is behind it all. God bless every One! May the marriage of Heaven and Earth--the new Hearth--be fully realized in everyone's awareness ASAP!

Dearest Annette, many many

Dearest Annette,

many many thanks for all that you do and for the wonderful reply you post here. Indeed "All work done with love is work for God". You are a most beautiful soul, your reply here touched me deeply.
To you, Santhan and all other angels who I don't know, but who give their heart and being to make Heavenletters the heavenly place it is my most heartfelt thanks !!
And .... thanks to you sweet Gloria for being here, right here, right now, receiving God's love messages in such a sweet and beautiful way !

Love and blessings to all !

Dear Anette, Santhan and

Dear Anette,

Santhan and Gloria, mentioning you and your contribution to the “Heavenletters” and your response, have really helped me to discover Anette, a beautiful soul, behind just the name. You have my full appreciation for all your dedicated service done in love, quietly behind the scenes! Thank you for who you are and for what you do!

There are no words enough to describe all that Gloria and Santhan contribute to “Heavenletters”, and in the center of it all is GOD. I am so grateful to all of you! You deserve to be called Angels.


P.S. There are more souls ‘behind the scenes’ I understand, can we learn more about them?

There is Kirt who manned the

There is Kirt who manned the website for years. Kirt still helps with a myriad of matters. When I can't find something, Kirt finds it. When I have difficulty with my computer, Kirt is there to hold my hand. There isn't anything I ask Kirt for that he doesn't respond to and take care of right away. Kirt is lucky, of course, that some days he is spared! Like all the other Heaven angels, he is happy to be asked and happy to do.

There is Margaret who proofed the ebooks with incredible care and attention to detail. She proofed each page twice. She is so attentive she catches the uncatchable.

It always amazes me how Heaven Angels are happy to do any task, no matter how small.
Margaret was the head of the literature department in a university. She is now a practicing Episcopalian priest, and yet she is happy to simply proof Heavenletters.

I suppose if I asked Heaven Angels (they appoint themselves, you know) to sweep floors, they would gladly do that too.

There is Adrachin, the wonderful man who first started the original Yahoo Heavenletter forum.
Adrachin, too, is ready to answer any question. He travels a lot and is less available, but always in my thoughts.

There is my daughter, Lauren, who, for so many years, was my only resource. She did website, sent out Heavenletters by hand when I was traveling, answered my every question (and believe me, I had plenty.) She was always there for me.

Of course, there are the translators who make all the difference in the world.

There is one other self-appointed Heaven angel that has never been mentioned, and that is Bev who lives where I do in Iowa. After she receives her daily Heavenletter, she reads it with her eagle eye and lets me know of any typos, a word left out, a word repeated etc.

The funny thing is that I carefully proof every Heavenletter several times before it goes out, and I even proof the one that is published and obviously I have totally missed what she catches.

There are the publishers, Panos Axiomakaris in Greece and Germany; Monica Visan in Romania; and Rodney Charles in U.S.

There are all the ezines and newsletters that publish Heavenletters and so spread God's words.

There are also innummerable others who give support. Everyone who reads Heavenletters gives support. Everyone who participates in this forum and in the blog are supporting Heavenletters and our hearts. And there are those who tithe every month to Heavenletters and give various financial support and, in so doing, also give such great encouragement.

There is also the Mojah Media staff who also give their hearts and souls to Heavenletters. There is Mauro who makes the Heavenletter comics and who sends out translated Heavenletters. There is Cecilia who does more than I know. There are others as well that only Santhan can do justice to.

It is a great enterprise we are on. I think we do not yet know how great it is and all that we accomplish and the more that we are going to accomplish. I feel so fortunate to be part of this with all of you.

Thanks for your question, Xenia.

God bless us all.

With love, Gloria

More appreciation to the

More appreciation to the angels behind the scenes of “Heavenletters’:

Dear Kirt, according to what Gloria says about you, you sound like a very generous person; generous with your time and energy and knowledge.
I greet and honour you.

Dear Margret, your contribution in proofreading the e-books is very much appreciated and so is your selfless nature.
Blessings, to you.

Dear Adrachin, by starting the forum, did you ever dream what it would evolve to?
To you, I bow in gratitude.

Dear Lauren, your mother is blessed by having you and you are blessed to have Gloria as your mother. Sounds like you are a good team together.
Receive a big hug from me.

Dear Bev, thank you, for offering your talent in proof reading the ‘Heavenletters’, so that they are crisp and clean when we read them.
Very much appreciated!

Dear Panos Axiomakaris, Monica Visan and Rodney Charles,
Thanks to you, the “Love Letters from God” have gained a wider readership in the world.
Keep up your good work!

Dear Mauro, your comics are so much fun!
Thanks for bringing humour into ‘Heavenletters’.

Dear Cecilia and all the other staff at Mojah Media, along with Santhan, you keep the website alive and running thanks to your time and effort and technical knowledge.
Deep appreciation to you all!

To the translators, Paula, Engin, Berit, Stefan, Veronika, Margaretha, Elisabeth (that I’ve met on the forum) and the many others (that I haven’t met yet), a big, big THANK YOU for all of your dedication in translating the ‘Heavenletters’!

And last but not least, to all the dear souls that in one way or another are part of this wonderful enterprise,
Thank you all very much!

Love and Light to you,

Somehow I just discovered

Somehow I just discovered your oh so beautiful post. I will make sure that the people you appreciate see this message.

What a remarkable post you wrote, especially auspicious as it is a reminder of Thanksgiving, no matter what spot on the planet we happen to be.

God bless you, beloved Xenia.

With love, Gloria

Dearest Xenia, what a

Dearest Xenia,

what a wonderful way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL HEAVEN ANGELS !! With all my love, joy and gratitude I join all the thanks you have so beautifully expressed to all Heaven Angels.

It's ever so beautiful !!!!

Love and blessings to all Heaven Angels ! :wub: :wub: :wub:

That was very sweet Xenia!

That was very sweet Xenia! Thank you!

Dear Heaven family, Heaven

Dear Heaven family, Heaven team, Heaven children

I love you all, I thank you all

I am so happy for being a part of this beautiful movement.