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Your Photos

I just noticed that you can put your photo up on this blog.

You are technically talented people who know how to put your photograph up.

I discovered this with a new subscriber, GoGo. Now I remember Vanya also posted her photo.

Also, new and old people, there is a forum section called something like Introduce Yourself. Will you find it and tell us more about you?

And canim

And canim Gloria,

translators do not know each other either. I know all of them with my heart but personally we do not know each other. How old we are, what our professions are, where we live, what we do, even male or female, married, have children, spiritual journey etc... ;)

I do want to know everbody - in terms of the world. :big

Maybe we can decide to introduce ourselves? But how should we do this? In which part of the forum? What do you think?



I think I would put a photo

I think I would put a photo on the place that everyone does.

Then also on the Translator Circle where all the translators' photos and stories will be together, so you can all be found on one page, and no one will have to hunt to find anyone. This would be entitled -- what would you name this?

Then put a link on the Introduce Yourself page that will lead everyone to the Translator Circle and your whole story.

Then I would translate your whole story into your language and put it with photo where you post your translations.

This is what occurred to me from the top of my head. I hope it's not too complicated.

I think the thing is for someone to start. Even if we don't do it perfectly, it will be wonderful to have. It's overdue! I sure look forward to seeing your photos -- you can put more than one! - and finding out all your secrets!