God Has No Gated Communities

God said:

Be quick to say Yes to helping others whether you like the people or not. Any other person is you yourself to the core. In truth, everyone at your door is you.

Don't be so quick to put love aside because of what you imagine is self-interest. You might willfully allow your heart to die on the vine as you turn your back on another version of yourself. It is yourself you turn your back on.

Why would I, God, listen to world news? I have My own ear to the ground. I have a version of life different from yours and different from the version the world at large itself portrays. The biggest difference between the world and Me is that the world tends to live by fear while I choose to live by love. I banish no one. I don't jump to conclusions. I do not slam doors. I open hearts. I bless. I welcome.

I offer refuge. I do not pick and choose, even as you may think I sometimes discriminate against you.

I do not make up rules and procedures. If someone needs admittance, I give admittance. If someone needs help, I give help. If someone needs hope, I give hope. I set no limits. I do not say that only people who look like me can come into My gated community. I have no gated communities.

I do not make up or conclude fear stories of all the detrimental things that could happen. When people flee for their lives, I let them in. I do not see that they are a danger to Me. I offer them a room in My inn. I am not exclusive. I am inclusive.

The world I envision has no borders. There is one country, and that is the whole world. All are welcome. The extant world, as it appears, is squirrelly. A squirrel buries his possessions so no one else can take away or diminish his hoard in any way. He keeps them to his squirrel self. He sees newcomer squirrels as possible thieves and lets in only so many and no more and feels virtuous as he protects his country from perceived outsiders, as if somehow he is royalty and comes first, as if he is privileged, and others are not..

And this is how some greet the world. Some see their space conscripted. Some see danger wherever they look. To all intents and purposes, they say:

"Stay away. I am sorry you are fleeing for your life, yet you might take away what is mine. I will let a few fleeing souls in, yet, for my own survival, I must lock my gates. Whether you live or die, I cannot allow surplus on my ground. Starve to death somewhere else. Be slain in the land you came from. I am my brother's keeper, and I take care of my own. I not take care of people from other places who could bear malice to innocents such as me. I do not discriminate. I discern. I am wise. I protect myself and my own as any red-blooded person would do."

I will tell you, dear ones, that selfishness is not the lay of the land any longer. Selfishness is not something to be proud of. Love is the lay of the land. If you want survival for what you see as your own, then open your hearts.

I have been known to say: "Let My people go." Now I say: "Let My people in."

I say to you: "Let My people in."

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Powerful Heavenletter.

Powerful Heavenletter.

Indeed a powerful Heaven Letter

"The world I envision has no borders. There is one country, and that is the whole world." And if we look at this magnificent Blue Planet named Earth from Outer Space there are no borders. All Life is Divine and Sacred.

Beloved Christine, yes, all

Beloved Christine, yes, all Life is Divine and Sacred.

Let My People In

This is a beautiful vision - that the world God sees has no borders, no countries, no one better than another. Let my people in. All 7 billion of us. I fall short of this open loving-ness. I still have fear for my family of people who might be harmful....but I create that as I think it.

Yes, Nancy, how do we get

Yes, Nancy, how do we get past the fear? If we watch the news, how can we escape the fear thoughts. Yes, God's vision is beautiful. To God,this isn't even a vision -- it's what He sees.

God has no gated communities

This is really a hard one today when I think of our problems in the USA with terrorists. I realize I have a great fear of the present situation. I will try to see the refugees differently but it seems almost impossible. I don't want you to see this as a complaint and I thank you for offering another point of view. Mine is not right, but I honestly don't know how to adjust my thinking.
JOYce May

Dear JOYce, it's clear you

Dear JOYce, it's clear you are not complaining. We would all desire to be free of fear, yet there is always a BUT that creeps in, which is called reality and that God says is illusion. I think I'm going to write a blog with more about this.http://godwriting.org/indeed_a_powerful_heavenletter.html_1

God Has No Gated Communities

I must disagree with your statement: "God Has No Gated Communities."

No borders for One people

Let's see God: if I knock on Heaven's door, though I can be a very civilised and well mannered "person", a benevolent "guy", a charitable "individual", You will not open, as far as I claim it's "me" knocking; two are too many at Heaven's doors. I understand this, if I wish to enter Infinite I not only have to look like You, I have to be You. But then You ask me to open the gates of this finite earth to all other persons who claim to be themselves, with their ideas, stories, backgrounds, religious conditionings and so on. You are not open to "otherness" while You ask me to be.

Dear Marie E, everyone

Dear Marie E, everyone understands what you are feeling, for this is how the world often thinks.

Here is a Heavenletter that seems to be God's reply to you.

This is Heavenletter #1314, How to Read a Heavenletter, published June 22, 2004.

God said:
The heart of what I give you in these messages is not the message itself. What you extract from My letters may be succinct and wonderful, but it is only a thimbleful of what I give you. I pour down love upon you and a certain lyric wisdom far more than any words you extract.

My messages here are far more than their message. Messages are not enough. Knowing all the messages in the world is not enough. The message I give you is more than any synopsis of it. What I give you cannot be defined. The heart of My messages cannot be contained in words. The words are peripheral to My heart. There is nothing for you to learn here but to be with Me.

Would you not sit down with Me? We do not have to speak, or We can engage in idle chatter, or We can talk in circles, or We can hit the nail on the head. What does it matter? It matters that We sit together.

We are together for the engagement of Ourselves. We sit and hold hands. That is enough. A few moments with Me goes a long way. You do not necessarily know what you take away from Our meeting.

Be My love, won't you?

What is My message here for you today? Forget about it. Just be with Me, and allow Me to take you places. Do not sit up so straight. Do not take notes. Just rest in Me.

Let Me tug at your heart. Let Me weave whatever I weave. Let Me pat your brow. Let Me pull worry lines away. Let Me enjoy these few moments with you. What are you in a rush to learn? What must you complete so soon? Just abide with Me.

Give Me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine. Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while.