"My Heart Is Bare, and I Am Lonely."

God said:

I have heard you cry out. I hear your words, and I hear your heart. I hear you say:

"Beloved God, You are the Prow of the Ship I ride on. You are the Bells That Toll. Yours is the Hand I hold. You make me safe. How can I fear when You are beside me? When I look away from You, I am made of nonsense and, so, foolishly, I wound myself on Earth.

"Teach me to love, God, for my heart is bare, and I am lonely. Stripped of love, I live in a deserted island of my own making. I withdraw. I don't really know what I am doing. I may be undoing.

"The question that stands out for me is:

"God, have I forsaken You?"

"Can it be that I have forsaken Your Heart and, therefore, my own heart, my imagined own heart? Do I simply flirt with life and stay all the while on shore?

"What do I chase and why? What ingredients of life do I think I must have that enrich my life further when there is You? What do I run from?

"Have I forsaken myself?"

My children, I answer you:

Every morning you set sail. You may be half-hearted about it. You dribble your fingers in the water. You may not even know where you have set sail for. Know now that you set sail for Me, for I call to you. I call to you to awaken to the Sun and follow the Stars. The Sun is a Star. Follow the Sun, and you will awaken to your Self. Your Self can hardly wait to wake up.

You have been trudging when you are, in actuality, light of foot. You can traverse the Sun in one day. You reflect the Sun. You are the energy of the Sun. You are the Light of the Sun. And you can be light-hearted. How did a heavy boulder get into your heart to weigh it down? Let go of the boulder, and rise. Arise, beloveds.

Beloveds, there is no battle to be won. There is nothing to lose, for you are of the Sun in a Land of the Sun and Infinity where there is nowhere to go but to Me. The joker is that you are already with Me, One with Me, yet you presume to live in partial shade.

You are the Sun and Every Star, named or unnamed, that you have wished upon. There is a realm within you that you are fast approaching. The Sun will light the way. Follow the Sun and go where it takes you. Allow Stars to twinkle in your heart. Rain or shine, Sun or Star, you are guided Heavenward.

There is nowhere else for you to go. There is nowhere else you have been. There is nowhere else to go to but to Me. We have always journeyed together. It is a mistake of the intellect when you say you are lonely. Our Oneness is inevitable. There is no separating Our Hearts. No matter how you might try to hide in darkness, there is no darkness. There is no apartness. We are One.

We are wed in the Sun. From the Sun you came. To the Sun, you return even as you have never been anywhere except in the Sun. Your eyes are becoming bright in the Sunlight. You sparkle in the Sun. You know nothing but the Sun. Sunlight and Starlight are in your eyes. You begin to see outright through My Eyes of the Sun that hold you in My Thrall. In My Thrall is a good place to be.