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Freedom's Open Door


It's fear's attributes
That I refute and refuse
And not ever
Any of You

Sadness, darkness
Anger, danger
Frustration, separation
Judgment's upset in every form

That's what is and has been
And will be in the "end"
Unworthy of staying with Love
And not My Children whom I forever adore

You would not disown your little ones for their tantrums thrown
Because not yet known
Unto themselves
They fight and cry

Well, neither do I
When it comes to mankind
It's just that being Just
Only right-minded innocence perfectly Thrives

All else
Though having it's day and time
It's night, let's say, as it tries to survive
Will "die"

It really never lived
For only Our Light and not "sin"
Truly exists
Now and evermore

So buy not into, My Children and Friends
Here and there, then anymore
What you've bought into before
Hold to the old no more, no longer abhor

Rather, fly lightly unto the heights
Soar, As the Ease that You Are
Come from the Heart of Peace
Freedom's Open Door

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Yeah!!! Let go and let


Let go and let God!!!

I'm all for that!