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My Valentine


Be my valentine
That's like saying to the air
Come to me that I may breathe
Or to the feet
Touch the land to advance, if you dare
Or to the body
O where, o where, could you be?
Of course, you're my valentine
Never delayed
Upon which I do not
Which need not, wait
You're my self
My expression expressing itself as physicality for the time being
Of course, we're together
For all times, beyond any and every season
As undefined yet wholly felt sublime, spirituality
And forevermore
This goes without saying
And stands to reason
Yet to say it is to begin to open the eyes a bit
To get oriented to it
To believe it, more and more
Then to awaken and be it
By getting up and stepping into
As the love that we are
Of course
My valentine
Our togetherness is never undecided nor divided
For our heart
Knows no far

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008