Foremost, Be Honest with Yourself

God said:

Please don’t say you have no time. Beloveds, it is never really a question of time. It is always a question of preference. Let Me repeat this once more: It is always a question of your choice.

You have every right to your priorities. Acknowledge priorities then. That you don’t have time is a cloud-screen to hide what is true.

You choose your priorities. There may be many reasons why you choose the priorities you do and why you do not choose the priorities you do not choose. It is best to be outright honest with yourself.

You may prefer to sit and watch TV more than you want to do your homework. The motivation to do homework takes a back seat.

You may say you just have no energy. It certainly seems that way, yet if your boyfriend were to call to invite you dancing, how long would it take for your energy to bounce back?

There are matters you may well want to work on – composing music, exercising, or a class you want to take, and you don’t get down to it. Perhaps you are afraid of not being good enough and don’t want to fail. What if no one likes your music, and you are not good at it? On the other hand, perhaps you are afraid of being a success and resultant changes in your life. Success could be a headache as well.

Perhaps you simply like spare time doing nothing or not doing anything that hangs over you. Foremost, be honest with yourself.

If there is something you really want to do, why don’t you just do it? If you really do want to do it and not just like the idea of it, then why aren’t you doing it?

A famous French artist and sculptor as a child would steal charcoal from the fireplace so he could draw with it. His father thought drawing was a waste of time and beat his son’s fingers so the son would stop taking the charcoal.

The son had a higher motive as well, for he wasn’t stopped. He continued to take charcoal from the fireplace and draw with his swollen reddened hands.

What obstacles do you have that you give in to?

The point here is not to kid yourself.

A Dutch prisoner in a concentration camp had to write with tiny tiny print in a notebook in order to conserve the only paper she had to write on.

An American author who worked a 40-hour a week job got up very early every morning and worked on his novel for two or three hours before he went to work. It took him eleven years to finish his novel which did become a best seller and have a movie made of it as well. The author said that if he had not had a job and had had more time available to him, it would have taken him longer to write his novel.

When your desires are hard for you to get to, perhaps your desire isn’t strong enough. Perhaps instead of not having time, you may feel you have all the time in the world, and so you waste it.

Perhaps, you follow the line of least resistance, and you just go along with what is going on around you.

And then there is the answer that now is not the right time. This can also carry some truth, and, yet motivation is unlikely to come from the outside while you lollygag around waiting for the right time.

Maybe you just never had the opportunity – do you believe that?

Ah, you can’t have your two feet in two different boats, or four or six. You could be too much all over the place.

There is nothing you have to become. Perhaps the burning desire simply isn’t there. That’s all right too. Just don’t kid yourself when it may be that you don’t want enough whatever it may be. Perhaps you like nursing the idea but not the actual doing. What is it that does not move you forward or simply holds you back?

Something within you, beloveds.

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IS it god who puts the desires in us then we choose wether to focus on. Thus determining what direction things go in? Who chooses?

What a GREAT question!

What a GREAT question!


As I allow the conditions that my Innocence believed to be gently released my energy increases and I turn within and ask for Guidance from the Source of All. Self Love, Self Honor is my Birthright and I Now declare "I Claim My Birthright." I ask myself to marry Me and I Now fulfill My Sacred Destiny. Each particle and wave of precious Life Energy deserves more Love not less. If we were not Sacred and Worthy we would not Be Here Now In This. I Bless Myself and therefore, I Bless My World. I AM filled with Love and with Kindness. And so it Is and so I allow it to Be.

I recognize that you accept

I recognize that you accept the proposal. Beautiful, Christine. Just beautiful.