Flow God's Love

God said:

When you are pleased with what life offers you, remember that I am the Source of it and that it is given to Me. I give to Myself generously through you. You are the accepter, but I am the Receiver. I am the Giver as well. All is given to Me. All is from Me and to Me.

What about pain, you ask?

I do not give Myself pain. I do not know pain. Pain is man-made, and pain is an interpretation. Misguided interpretation made by man causes pain. When a man, because of his perspective and thinking, inflicts pain on another, he has inflicted it on himself. He does not understand this, and so you see how far away from awareness an inflictor of pain is. He thinks he inflicts it on another.

You think so too.

If it were not for your physical existence, you would not conceive of pain. You would not know possessions or rights or wrongs. You would know beingness. Even with your physical body and misinterpretations of life, you know beingness, and you can know it more.

Beingness has no ideas. It doesn't race from one thought to another. It does not think at all. It is like a fresh mountain stream. A mountain stream, like beingness, is resplendent with what it is made of, and then it flows in waves impartially, neutrally, without investment. It only knows itself. It does not deliberate, and it is not deliberate. It is itself that flows. That it sparkles and where it streams is incidental. It does not get caught up in itself. It is itself. It reflects itself. It follows its nature one-hundred per cent.

It does not combat the sun. It does not see the sun as something that may dry it up. It sees the sun as the light of itself and laughs with the sun. The mountain stream doesn't mind if Humans wade in it or swim in it and splash it. It is joy, and it gives joy. And if no one splashes in it, its joy is the same.

You do not have to try to emulate a mountain stream, for you are the mountain stream. The same vitality flows through you. But what has happened is that you started to pay more attention to a particular splash of yourself and not so much to the pure nature of yourself. You wended off-stream. You trickled here and there, and considered yourself a trickle rather than the mountain stream that you are.

A mountain stream flows My love. You flow My love. It is that simple.

Man may dam up mountain streams and deflect them for a while. He may also dam up himself, and he is deflected for a while. Whatever man does is temporary. Whatever obstruction he manifests, he does not change the nature of life. The nature of life is to flow, and flow it will.

When flow is blocked, you feel it as pain, physical, emotional. Something is blocked. Your freedom is restrained. Freedom is the same as flow. The contraction of flow you call pain. The expansion, you call joy or love or peace. Not excitement, just pure joy and love, which equate to peace.

There is no torment in pure joy and love. Joy and love are not highs. Your ambition is not to gain joy and gain love. Your true nature is to give it. The question is not how much you gain. It is that you flow. You do not encumber.

When something flows, it does not stop and accumulate. It does not stand still and hold on to the shore. It embraces the shore and flows on. It does not avoid the shore and try to skip it. It flows freely and fully. It flows from Me to Me.

You are like a mountain stream. The difference is the mountain stream knows itself, which is the same as knowing its source. You, however, rush to find yourself when the Source which issued you never left your side.