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Fear is very juicy....

So many miracles appeared in this life. If I had to sum all off them up, something like this would appear:

Up until a number of years ago...fear has been a constant companion of mine. Somehow God taught me to befriend my fear. So gradually over time, I learned to walk with fear. And maybe I finally just tired of running from fear. Maybe I let it catch eat me. I'm okay with have been eaten by fear. I could say also that I ate fear as's very juicy! Now, for the most part, I am okay with fear...and sometimes I even go on dates with my fears! I love my fear...So that's the greatest miracle for me...that my relationship with fear has changed...that a friendship has emerged. Blessings...Jim.

Thanks Jim for your sharing

Thanks Jim for your sharing about fear. I too, have had my times with fear as I think most of us who would be honest would confess.
When you get into the heart of fear you find that it is really whispy...if that is a word. It seems so big when it approaches us...but when we face it head on so to speak it becomes whispy...almost transparent. It can be a great teacher to us to if we will but listen to what it is really saying to us. All emotions, contractive or positive in nature can be our teachers. :)

Blessings and Love to you,

Scott Arant