Exquisite Infinite Eternity

God said:

Beloveds, in these moments We share, you are putting the past behind you. What is feeling sweetness but putting the past behind? Sweetness exists between Us always. It is featured in your awareness when you leave the past behind. You can only experience sweetness in this moment. Eternity is now, beloveds.

There are no boundaries to bind you in Eternity. There is no past, and there is no future. There is no present really. The Truth of Our sweetness exists out of the illusion of time. When you are out of the time trap, you have awareness of Me. I am always present but not always present in your awareness. I am present with you always, only your attention gets taken away. It is always some manifestation of time that blocks out My Presence from your awareness.

A sense of urgency is always in the rotating chain of time. There is no time, and there is always Eternity. There is no shortage of Eternity. We cannot even say that Eternity is endless because there is no demarcation of Eternity. By its very nature, Eternity does not have little lines on it. There is no stepping into Eternity, nor is there any stepping out of it.

Although I use the word always, there is no always, just as there is no never. These words come from the finite. All words do.

Exquisite infinite Eternity. It has no baggage. It has no cart, no wheels. It has no motion, yet you sail on it. You flow through it. You are caught in the arms of Eternity. It is a passless passage. It is not a place, yet there is no other place to be.

It is as if you swim in the waterless universe. It is as if you are churning the universe in which you swim. It is as if you breathe the breathless universe. It is as if you are the inner dot of the universe expanding and turning itself inside out again and again, reveling in the revelation of itself. In and out you go, twirling yourself as it were, in a vortex of silence, silence winding and unwinding. Silence carries you and swings you in its cradle.

You have such perfect form, beloveds. You have such delicacy of expression. You wash your kitchen floor, and your arms move flawlessly. You fold clothes, and every motion is executed with grace. Ballet is not more graceful. Even in fatigue, your fatigue is flawless in its grace. You are a perfectly-performing Human Being. You move this way and that, and so you dance on the universe that has no floor to dance on. You dance on Eternity.

If only you would know your beauty. If only you would know your worth. If only you would know what life is. If you would but know its breadth and depth and soaring magnificence, you would fly through error and know that none exists. How can error exist in Infinity? How can you exist in Infinity and Eternity and not know it? How can you be One with Me and not experience it and, instead, imagine you are not happy? It is uncanny that you can be all that you are and not be overjoyed.

You are like a sad butterfly that wouldn’t know it can fly. Such a butterfly wouldn’t know it is a butterfly. In your case, you know you are a Human Being, but you have a limited understanding of Human Being, or you would fly, beloveds, you would fly. You would fly to Me now.

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a butterfly

Dear 2086,

Your beautiful language, so full of rushing silence, of stillness and song, is the language I understand with not much of a need to know what it is I understand. Evidently, not all Heavenletters can be just like you, but I'm always happy when I find one like you. The presence you are speaking of becomes sense-able through your music and poetry – several storys further down beneath layers of thought, belief and habit but present nevertheless. Limited understanding does not feel quite so limited while I listen to you.

Loving you,