On a Great Ocean Voyage

God said:

I am Everything to everyone, and yet you cannot expect Me to do your bidding at every moment. It is more fulfilling that you adhere to My Will rather than I to yours. And yet We are not so far apart, beloveds. We are not apart at all.

Your vision has been too small, however. You are made in My image. You don’t want to make Me into yours. And yet, don’t you on occasion, believe you know just how I should do things, and especially how I should conform to your will?

Sometimes you think: “If there is a God, He or She will do this that I request now.”

The world is for you, and yet it is not only for you. Everything runs smoothly and well. What you see as disruptions, no matter how tumultuous, are gifts to the universe. Not what you wanted, not seen as blessings, and yet they heal a part of the universe. This is not to be misunderstood. There are enough blessings to go around, and so you do not need disruption for there to be joy wherever it exists, yet if you were long-visioned, you would see the worthiness of everything.

Even so, you now see times in your life when your desires did not bear fruit, and, no matter how distraught you were then, how glad you are now. Now you see that what you saw as disappointment turned out to be a blessing and that you were spared. Perhaps you grieved, but you were spared from greater grief. Disappointment is like a precursor of grief. Do not be disappointed in the first place. If you cannot be elated, at least take whatever comes in stride.

You are conscious of only certain levels of existence. There are many more you are not conscious of. Even though you visit various tiers of life, you don’t remember. If you remembered, you would see life and the world differently. Until you do, yes, you do the best you are able.

What I am saying is that you are able to see greater right now. If you cannot actually see greater, you can at least admit to the concept that there is greater, that there is more going on than you consciously know.

You are like a tree. You have limbs of existence. You have sap. You have leaves. You have flowers. Your roots go deep. Your arms reach to Heaven. You also have eyes and ears, and you have mind and heart. You are rich beyond your dreams. Enrich your dreams now. Conceive of greater.

You dwell in a universe of God. God writes a story, and you read it. You protest certain parts. You clap for others. You will expand as you are accepting of all chapters, at least non-resistant, for all chapters carry great merit. Each chapter moves you forward. Each chapter, no matter how opposed you are to it, raises you higher. You see from a higher branch now.

You can be established on Earth and see from Heaven.

That is what We are working on now. That is what We are playing with now. We sail on a great ship together. You may not yet have explored all places on the ship, yet the ship furrows ahead, and everyone on this ship is going in the same direction and will alight on the same shore. Whatever cabin is yours, it is part of this great ship that sails the High Seas. Come, just sail with Me. Never mind all the other stuff. Leave it behind. We are on a Great Voyage together.