Everyone Is One

God said:

I do not aim toward you events that rend your heart. Why would I? I do not sit up here thinking what pain I can give you.

I give you joy. You know I do.

But then you ask, how can I permit your loved ones to fly out of their bodies and leave you bereft? Or how can I allow you to be sick? Or how can I allow someone to be mean to you? You and I do not play a chess game, I on one side, you on the other. We are on the same side. I have no opposition to you.

Do not think that your loved ones leave their bodies behind so that I can exert power and you may learn lessons. That is not the purpose. I do not think: Aha, let's kill this one off, so that Joe can learn a lesson. I am not so focused nor precise. My plan is greater.

You are moving in life, and some companions get ahead of you, and some lag behind. All will catch up to one another. The way of life is that leaves bud on trees, and leaves fall off. No tree is picked on.

I do not ask anything of you but what you want. But you wonder, how can I say that when every day there are infractions of what you want.

Although the purpose of events in your life is not to give you lessons, you do grow in life, and you do grow even from what you don't want. It is inevitable that you grow. You gain insights every day. Gaining insights means that you see something in a way you never did before. You have turned the diamond into the light, and now you see sparkles you didn't notice before. They were there all along.

If life is going to befall as life befalls, why not then gain lessons from it while you are at it? Why not find the diamond that heretofore has been hidden from you?

You are not singled out for suffering. In Heaven, there is no suffering. It is not watched out for nor overlooked. It just is not. I cannot send you what I do not have. I have joy. So I send joy. I do not single you out for joy either; I do not think, Let's send Ardella some joy today, and let's skip Fred.

No, I broadcast joy. It is for you to pick it up and not let it be wasted.

There are those of you who know that I have chosen you, perhaps for a particular task. I send out help wanted ads all the time. One day, you answer. You choose yourself. You hear My call. My Will and your will join. You choose to fill a need, and now you fill it. You are My choice. You always were. Yet, inasmuch as you and I are One, it is impossible to say which of Us did the choosing.

Two magnets meet. Who is to say that one chose the other? They catapulted towards each other.

That which I seek, you also seek, and two shall ever meet as One.

There never was anyone but you and Me. Everyone on earth is I, and everyone on earth is you. Everyone is We, and We means One. Who arrives? Who leaves? No one. Who remains? Everyone. There is no break in Our connection. There is no break in Oneness.