Tell God Your Heart

God said:

Tell Me your heart.

This is what I hear your heart say:

"Dearest God, help me to extol Your creation. Help me to accept rather than judge. Help me to love rather than not. Help me to follow You and find my Greatness. If I follow Your Will, how then do I stumble? How can I be taken aback by life?

"Is it that I am to love that which is wrong? To love that which I see as wrong? No, I am to see beyond wrong. If I see people's souls, what wrong can I see?

"But I see heartache in the world, O God. I see that which seems cruel and unfair. How do I become dispassionate toward pain even when it is mine?

"When I look into Your eyes, how is it possible for me to have awareness of pain? How is it possible for me to be aware of anything but You when Your eyes are on mine? And yet, my heart aches.

"I feel great love from You. Why, then, can I not feel the same toward all others and all situations. What person and what situation cannot be altered with love? What is this love? Fill me with it. I am bereft of it, dear God.

"I do not feel love in my heart. Help me to fill my heart with love. You say my heart is full of love, but when is it to be revealed? When do I see it?

"Sometimes it feels that ideals are only ideals and not lived, not even loved. It feels that ideals emphasize the distance from themselves, and the world weeps.

"Why is the ideal not lived? Why do I not live it?

"Why is the contrast so great between life as it is lived and life as it is meant to be? Is the present scale of life then what is meant to be, and, therefore, to be loved? Then, indeed, I must see differently.

"Help me to rise to fullness of life. Help me to squeeze joy from life rather than woe. Help my heart to leap over whatever dismays it.

"You Who created vastness, can You not create joy in me, joy indissoluble, joy right out in front where I can see it and others can too?

"Is lasting happiness in the world no more than a fairy tale? If fairy tales be true, why, then, aren't they lived? Where are the Princes and Princesses? Where are the magicians, and where are their wands? Where are the dreams come true?

"I must lack gratitude. If I were grateful, how could I be blind to joy? Am I to love even my blindness, for my blindness means that there is treasure all around me that I do not see.

"God, do not give me hope unless it is a forerunner of truth. Free me from hope denied. If hope be illusion, free me from it.

"Give me Your vision. Give me Truth now."

I answer you:

In life, you are at a celebration, and you are blindfolded and poke a piñata. That you are blindfolded does not mean you are blind. And you, yourself, of course, are the treasure-filled piñata. Your confusion and prayers are the prod. Truth will spill out of you. Truth is never unfounded. But you have to find it. And you find it by desiring it. Desire Truth, and you will begin to find it. The Truth you seek is already yours, for it lies within you. Nevertheless, Truth will seem to come to you.

You feel there is a great chasm for you to cross. The chasm is your illusion. Awayness is illusion. You are removing imagined distance as We speak. Truth is beginning to dawn, for am I not here, and you with Me?