End Fear

God said:

You must end fear once and for all. It is the concept of fear that you must end. Until you do, you will always find fears to fill the concept. What you have is fear, not fears. You have this episodic villain called fear who runs loose in you and grabs onto many things, one after another. He finishes with one, shows it for what it is, and then grabs onto another to take its place.

Focus on the relative aspects of life will produce fear. Focus on yourself, as yourself in the world, will produce fear. Fear is emblazoned in the relative everywhere. It is even advertised as good. Fear this or fear that, and you will take this remedy.

You even pay for rides that will scare you and take your mind off your real fears — I should say unreal fears. Is it possible that you enjoy fear? Do you think it keeps you alive?

The attachment to the body is fearful. Soon or late, the danger comes. And all the while you have called the body real. Your Human body is not the extent of you. In truth, it has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with you. But you have made a god of your body, and that adoration is just the other side of fear.

You fear that if your body is injured or marred in any way, that you are. You may say you know better than to think that the possessions (extensions of the body) you hold dear are you, but tell your fears that. Let your savings account dwindle or your job be taken away from you, and you are fraught with fear.

Of what earthly good is fear? Does it slow down whatever it is that you fear? Does it alter it? Do you think that your fears stave it off? That your fears are a good-luck charm that keep the undesirable away?

You cannot ignore your fears by trying to ignore them. That, too, is great attention on them. Find something else to occupy your mind, not as a distraction, but as fulfillment.

There is the expression "that which you fear comes upon you". Ideas have a build-up. You yearn to get out of this present life without being noticed by the exigencies of life, and so you call them to you. You have a vivid imagination.

Think of fear or think of joy. You have choice.

You can ride a horse and speed with the wind. You can ride a horse and worry about all the possibilities. You can never ride a horse, and still worry about all the possibilities. You can see yourself falling. Or you can see yourself riding like the wind.

Death of the body is frightening to you. You consider it going into the Unknown, but it is relative life that is unknown to you. Absence of the body, that which you call death, is very familiar to you. The very body that you see as limiting to you is the very body that you hold dear, that you hold dear above all. Save the body is your cry.

There is more to you than your body, and that which is more is already imperishable.

There is more to earth than its physical density. The cry of Save the Earth comes from fear. Over it looms the idea that the earth, like you, can be unsaved, and therefore, you wave your fear before you. You fear for your own physical existence, and you fear for the loss of another's, and you fear for a loss of the physical life altogether.

Love the earth, for the earth also is more than its physical density. The earth breathes you as much as you breathe it. We can call you inhale, and the earth exhale, for you are linked together. You hold hands with the earth.

Eternity is all that truly exists, and you fear it does not. You fear that the idea of eternity is a hoax, a nice bedtime story. I assure you it is real, and that you, the real you, is eternal. Fearing is useless, unnecessary, and demeaning. Get off the Fear Train. Catch the train marked Eternity. That is the one you are on in any case.

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