Where Vision Comes From

God said:

You are a passing figure on the screen of timelessness. Your body is the passerby, that is, for you yourself are as much the timelessness as the screen itself.

We can say that you are the screen, and you are the eye that watches what dances on the screen of yourself. You are a watcher of yourself. You look out through one corner of your eye because the mainness of your vision is following Me Who is also the screen and the dancer on it.

Perhaps We can say that the screen stays still, and the dancer merely pirouettes from one imaginary end of the screen to the other. Or We can say that the dancer pirouettes in place, and the screen moves behind her. Or We can say that the dancer stands still in mid-air, and the screen doesn't move either. In any case, We can say that the screen and the dancer are wrapped around each other and that the play of life is a kind of unwrapping, a kind of investigation, a kind of search for clues to the mystery.

We can say that a corner of your eye tries to catch the dancer as she leaps. And the mainness of you stays staunchly with Me.

Life is ironic, of course, because you think you are always watching the dancer and have lost sight of Me. That goes to show how little you know of yourself. You know more of Me than you know of the phantom dancer.

You are the dancer who dances, and you dance for Me. It is all for Me, My dear children, whether you admit to it or not. I am your Audience. I am your Applauder. You are the apparition that you focus on so much. You have used only a miniscule part of your vision.

Vision occurs in the mind and not the eye. True knowing occurs in the heart. The heart knows all. The mind yearns to interpret. We can say that vision is the interpretation the mind makes of what the heart knows. If that were not so, you would already have 20/20 vision of Reality. Now you have hints of it. And you would like more.

Your heart has drunk the water of knowledge, but your mind thirsts for it. Let's quench the mind's thirst. But how?

Your mind is a hunter. It is a tracker. It relies on itself more than on the heart that has already discovered what the mind is still searching for. The mind relies on outer observation more than its own heart. We could say the same for you.

Pure knowing is not made from a list. It is not an accumulation. Your mind likes to sort, but it also likes to keep and not discard anything. Your mind has kept everything, categories and sub-categories. When your mind can let go of some of what it keeps, then it will see more clearly. When the mind empties itself, it will begin to see with clarity.

Your mind is restless. You think your heart is restless, but that is only your mind's interpretation of its own restlessness.

Your heart rests with Me. Let your mind rest with Me also. Your mind needs to learn to trust, and it can learn it from your steady heart.

Your mind has been looked at as the steering wheel, and your heart the rudder. The steering wheel will do well to pay attention to the rudder. The rudder is seen as an obeyer, but the rudder knows more than the steering-wheel. The mind has its own innocence. It runs after everything. While the heart has already come to Me, the mind is still searching. Don't forget that you can turn the steering-wheel of your mind.